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General Thinking is a global network of thinkers & doers: creative, wise & engaged; thoughtful people doing good work … and having fun doing it. The purpose of General Thinking is mostly to BE ... a connection platform and source of support, inspiration and opportunity for its network of General Thinkers.

General Thinking Manifesto

All General Thinkers are committed to using their best endeavours to:

1. Do Good Work
2. Share the Ideas
3. Help Other People
4. Make a Difference
5. Have Some Fun

This is not a network for everybody ... and we review every application very carefully. So please provide us with enough information in the "About Me & My Work" field. We seek interesting, thoughtful and curious people who we feel would add value to our diverse and global community ... people who we would be happy to be sitting next to and chatting with on a long haul flight :)

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