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General Thinking is a global network of thinkers & doers: creative, wise & engaged; thoughtful people doing good and interesting work in the world. The network is currently rich with creative professionals and entrepreneurs, but the IDEA is for it to be a truly transdisciplinary and general  network that welcomes: butchers, bakers, educators, makers, beekeepers, chefs, growers, musicians, wine makers, actors, performers, jewellers, scientists. psychologists, athletes, and so on .... all connected by a universal belief that good work is its own reward.

Why Join Us?

If your request is successful and you are invited to join us as a General Thinker, you will grace us with your presence and a certain level of engagement. In return you will get: exclusive and private access to one another (for wisdom, inspiration and opportunity); a clubby sense of pride; and the co-traveller's sense of wellbeing that derives from belonging to something unique and special, warm and fuzzy.


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