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"Pressure-Proofing creative brains for high-achieving leaders and those on their way."

Matt Follows

Sustainable High Performance Coach, Psychologist and Workshop Leader | Leading Left

London, Great Britain

After 20 years as an award-winning writer and creative director at Wieden + Kennedy, M&C Saatchi and Clemenger BBDO I retrained as a peak performance psychologist and psychotherapist at KIng's College London. I now coach creative leaders around the world, and run trainings, workshops and group facilitation sessions for big name creative agencies and brands  … [see more]

Jo Rhoden

Explorer and Designer

Berkhamsted, Great Britain

I work as an innovator and strategic thinker helping to shape a profession and practice. I use a design mind-set and skills to paint a picture of the possibility of the future. The next step is leading people along the pathway to get there, navigating ambiguity and bringing stakeholders on the journey to the future.  … [see more]

Chris Daniels

Head of Transformation

London, Great Britain

Seasoned digital leader and strategist with 15+ years’ professional experience within the digital marketing landscape. Expert in key areas of driving innovation, change and delivering results. In my youth I learned and developed basic machine coding, computer science and microcomputer technology which is where my passion and love of digital began. Blending this with my  … [see more]

"Making Investments work in the long-term for all"

Simon Fraser

Chairman | F&C Investment Trust

London, Great Britain

I worked at Fidelity International for 28 years, joining as an analyst and spending a number of years in Japan, overseeing investments for the Asia/Pacific region. I returned to the UK in 1999 to take up the position of Chief Investment Officer, a position I held until 2005. I now sit on multiple boards of  … [see more]

"Design better health into cities"

Layla McCay

Director | Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health

London, Great Britain

I am a British psychiatrist and public health specialist. My main interest is in making cities better for health. I run the Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health, a global think tank that examines how architects, urban planners and others can design and build better mental health into cities. I also work at the  … [see more]

Michael Stevens

Head of Concerts & Special Events | Fiery Angel Ltd

London, Great Britain

Washed-up singer, arts manager, fascinated with the role culture can play in building individual and community capacity and motivation. I'm an experienced artistic programmer and curator (ex Australian Chamber Orchestra, ex Melbourne Festival, ex Arts Centre Melbourne), with an extensive practice in the beyond profit sector. I've also had more than a decade's engagement with  … [see more]

"Know the rules then break the rules."

Thomas Oosthuizen

Global Consulting Director | Acceleration

London, Great Britain

Today, life and work is about living with contradictions, paradoxes, risks, fears and uncertainties. These are endemic in the way I work and think. There are no ordinary solutions to the challenges of the times we live in. Nothing inspires me more than to combine knowledge, experience, viewpoints, approaches, insights - and come-up with new  … [see more]

"Swim against the stream, work, rest and lots of play"

Iain Ainsworth

Company Owner/Marketier | WHITE LINE®

London, Great Britain

I am having the time of my life not only running my businesses but by doing what i enjoy, working with the people that share my passion for the details, those that dared to dream. I am currently involved in the worlds of travel & lifestyle - working with strong independent souls and products that  … [see more]

Jonathan Duncan

Executive Producer

London, Great Britain

Recently arrived in London, producing/developing TV, film and digital projects alongside running marketing and content for a strategic B2B agency across UK and Asia Pacific. Prior to that I have many years experience across entertainment and marketing; generating new business and ideas, developing commercial partnerships for funding across feature film, TV and digital content projects  … [see more]

"Do or do not. There is not try."

Joyce Yee

Associate Lecturer | Northumbria University

Newcastle upon Tyne, Great Britain

I consider myself lucky to have found my calling and vocation in life in design from an early age. I have always been fascinated by what design is and what it can do. Initially my understanding of design as you could imagine was fairly shallow and I admired it for its power in making things  … [see more]

"Making a difference"

Udayan Goyal

Managing Partner | Apis Partners

London, Great Britain

I am passionate about financial inclusion and bringing the unbanked into the formal financial economy. I am the Co-Founder and Co-Managing Partner of Apis Partners, a private equity manager focused on Financial Services in Growth Markets based in London. I was the co-founder and managing partner of Anthemis Group SA, and currently serve on its  … [see more]

"Put learning at the heart of everything we do"

Ewan McIntosh

MD | NoTosh

Edinburgh, Great Britain

I help people think differently through helping them learn more effectively, through design thinking lenses, critical and creative thinking skills. I love to see people change mindsets for the job at hand, and play with thinking, instead of seeing it as something 'hard'. As a French and German teacher in Scottish high schools I relentlessly  … [see more]

"There is nothing more powerful than a person with purpose"

Franklin Murillo

Entreprenuer / Doer / Young Challenger | SPI / Miguia /Xbootcamp / OYW Ambassador

London, Great Britain

My name is Franklin Murillo, I am a 30 years old Costa Rican, proud dad and a global social entrepreneur. I started my professional life as a teacher, my background is in education. But once I created my first social business, I realized that I needed a change on my life, so I quitted and  … [see more]

"System change is not hard to do, just hard to see."

James Greyson

System change designer | BlindSpot Think Tank

Lewes, Great Britain

Head of BlindSpot Think Tank. #Circulareconomy #4Real via #circulareconomics. NATO-published #globalsecurity policy options, which I call #planetlevers. On twitter I'm @blindspotting. I'm also MIT @ClimateCoLab & @Climate_Rescue … [see more]

Angela Espinosa

Reader | Hull University Business School

Huddersfield, Great Britain

I graduated as a computer and systems engineer in 1981 and got a PhD in organisational cybernetics in 1995 in Aston Business School (England). I have used complex systems thinking as a professional, as a consultant, as a lecturer and as a researcher since then.The last 15 years I have focused on research on complexity  … [see more]

Hamish Magoffin

Founder | HRM Global Investments

London, Great Britain

I founded my investment and consulting platform, HRM Global Investments, helping start-ups to get up and running and investing in portfolios of companies. More recently I have turned my attention to emerging technology companies, including quantum computing and nuclear fission. And prior to setting up my own firm I was on the trading floor at  … [see more]

"Never stop learning, Never stop building, Never stop caring."

Giles Butler

Founder | Mixvisor

London, Great Britain

Hey Guys & Girls, I'm a forward thinking tech nomad, rebellious and playful, I love to create and dream big. I've worked in tech since 2008, first as a designer then as a developer and started my first startup in 2014. I love meeting new people and talking about how we can solve interesting and  … [see more]

"Helping the world get better leadership"

Damien O'Brien

Chairman | Egon Zehnder

London, Great Britain

My passion is leadership. I lead a global consulting firm dedicated to helping large companies and small, governments and not-for-profits, attract and develop leaders of the future. Having lived and worked in many countries around the globe, and leading colleagues and serving clients in over 40 countries, I like to think that I represent the  … [see more]

"Digital innovation for social good"

Andy Mayer

Strategy Director | Yoomee

Sheffield, Great Britain

I'm the founder of Yoomee -- a specialist web agency which builds online services for social good. We work exclusively with charities, not-for-profits and social entrepreneurs to help them innovate digitally like startups using principles such as Lean and Agile. I'm passionate about building digital platforms that connect people together to make the world a  … [see more]

"Do Good Work"

Peter Van Minnen

Author/Complementary Practitioner

Caterham, Great Britain

I am a writer, recently published (2014 Pegasus Publishing) 'The Fate Book', an adventure series for young adults. Previous to that I self-published 'Horses Have Wings' ( a book about my ongoing healing work with horses. I have also been practising a complementary health process called Body Stress Release for the last 23 years. A  … [see more]

"Culture, innovation and place"

Tim Jones

Senior Lead, Strategy and Innovation | Futurecity

St Albans, Great Britain

I'm a specialist in creative placemaking and cultural enterprise, leveraging a 25 year career in the creative and cultural industries to enable clients to develop and implement brilliant strategies, ideas, practices & proposals. I design workshops and creative venture development programmes, and facilitate these, drawing from my experience in a range of roles: entrepreneur, senior  … [see more]

Lydia Goldblatt

Artist, Photographer

London, Great Britain

I am a practising artist and photographer. I came to photography via formative journeys through ice-skating, flying (RAF student squadron), literature and languages (at university). I began to learn about photography - and finding visual expression for that which is often intangible - through practice, watching and listening. I am still cultivating each of those  … [see more]

Georgia Barrie

Programme Manager | GSMA Connected Women

London, Great Britain

In a world where more people have access to a mobile phone than safe drinking water, I work with mobile operators, tech start-ups and NGOs to develop innovative ways to improve the lives of women using the technology they have in their hands. I started my career in mobile for development designing mobile agriculture services  … [see more]

Andrew Stone

Freelance journalist and writer

Brighton, Great Britain

I am business generalist. I've written for the UK broadsheet business sections as a staffer and a freelancer (Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph), a range of specialist business titles as well as writing features and other content for brands. The work that engages and interests me most is writing about topics where new technology and new  … [see more]

John Varney

Owner | Centre for Management Creativity (CMC)

Settle, Great Britain

Formerly an architect, for my next career I migrated to soft architecture - the structures, systems and forms that enable organisations to succeed - and how they evolve. I am passionate about helping everyone achieve their persoanl and collective potential through facilitating development of teamwork, leadership, strategy innovation, purpose, vision and values. I have over  … [see more]

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