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"#open #random #supportive"

Anna Blume

Social Capital Strategist, Facilitator | Impact Journey

Berlin, Germany

Based in Berlin, Germany and serving clients worldwide. Anna Blume is a Behavior Trainer, Business Developer, Communication Designer and Social Capital Strategist. Co-Foudner of the Impact Journery and works around the World to support communities. Impact Journey is an outgrowth of Living Bridges Planet, a global facilitator network inspired by strength-based and social capital approaches  … [see more]

"to embody & live, know, connect, transcend, share, care and dare in common frames of references"

Heiner Benking

Journalist, Scholar, Futurist, Consultant, Facilitator, ... | various GLocally....

Berlin, Germany

"I had a couple of lifes: technician and engineer, planner, consultant, sales and marketing, infographics coiner, environmental management and research, curator, futurist, educator, facilitator, ... in fields as wide as: environmental education, culture, youth, media,... My function is capacitity building along and across scales and cultures in an appreciative, attentive style typical for concerned generalists,  … [see more]

"Aligning the 'how' with the 'what' in delightful ways"

Belina Raffy

Master Collaborator | Maffick Ltd

Berlin, Germany

Hi! I grew up playing in the forests of the US, Mexico and Canada. I have two passports - US and French, and lived in England for a long time - so I feel effectively Canadian. I now live in Berlin. I started my career in a big bank, took an MBA to relax, studied  … [see more]

"Good Purposeful Work with Good People"

Eric Lynn

Change Provocateur | cultureQs

Berlin, Germany

I am a Dialogue Facilitator, Change Provocateur, Consultant and Executive Coach. For more than 30 years, I have been working worldwide as an Organisation Development Consultant, Facilitator and Coach for Cultural Integration, Change and Leadership, where the primary focus is on (Re-)Shaping Workplace Culture by Leveraging Cultural Differences. The learnings from these experiences across multiple  … [see more]

"Gesellschaft für Kunst und Kulturtechniken"

Wolf Guenter Thiel

M.A. | Old School

Berlin, Germany

cultural researcher in the fields of comparative studies. i work as a rearcher, editor, publisher and as the head of the cultural institution Old School close to Berlin. My expertise involves at large asian cultural studies and aspects of cultural management on an international level. … [see more]

"First the music. Then the community. After that comes everything else."

Jessica Brown

Artist Manager | KIND //

Berlin, Germany

I manage the careers of exceptionally talented, global-thinking music producers. Artist management is all about relationships; from social media, to drawing together teams across booking, PR and distribution agencies, and of course the people you meet on the dance floor! Last summer I set up my Berlin-based agency, KIND // COOL to specialise in the  … [see more]

"Making saving the world groovy and fun..."

Scott Bolden

Sustainable Solutions Developer and Designer | Das Baumhaus Berlin

Berlin, Germany

I have degrees in Art and Engineering and practical experience in those fields as well as in systems, product, interior, and architectural design. I also have experience in music and event production as well as a broad range of activities having to do with sustainable development. if a system is sustainable then it means it  … [see more]

"inspired by an open world"

Andra Schumann

Founder | Akademie Bogensee

Berlin, Germany

Our team is on the way to establish a place close Berlin that will welcome every open minded and inspired person in the world to work with us on the idea of sustainability and self improving concepts that will chance the world. … [see more]

Ferdi Van Heerden

Change Agent | Self employed

Berlin, Germany

Leading change with empathy and optimism. My personal passion "The Values Proposition" informs and guides change engagements towards a human centred and sustained transformation. Currently focused on ReDI School of Digital Integration as co-founder and COO. Turning IT users into coders and creators, ReDI provides IT training to refugees, to accelerate integration and open economic  … [see more]

"#WeJustHaveOnePlanetEarth / Time to care about..."

Nicolas Bramke

Caretaker | Your Little Planet

Berlin, Germany

I studied International Forest Ecosystem Management and realized that there is a huge need on addressing the information about global problems in the right way to the people. Mankind is actually the opposite of sustainable and especially citizens of industry country’s needs to change their behavior asap and to understand the impact of their lifestyle  … [see more]

"ideas by day and by night"

Michael Otto Poschmann

Dipl. Betriebswirt | ARTRANSFER

Berlin, Germany

ideas and intuition for arts and business, organizing small and big projects in this field of activity, coherent thinking... … [see more]

"we are the good news"

Stefan Marks


Berlin, Germany

I have many different backgrounds - starting studying medicine and law but finishing with a degree in photography and arts. That's why I am a great fan of diversity and to have an approach in different matters. In the sense of former general thinkers - from Sokrates to Hans Peter Dürr - I want to  … [see more]

"Empower entrepreneurs to make a difference"

Steffen Stauber

Founder & Creative Explorer | Create Meaning

Berlin, Germany

HI MY NAME IS STEFFEN... ...and I'm a mixture between a creative director, a strategist and little bit of a geek. I combine expertise in communication, design, branding and technology to help companies to bridge the gap between ideas, strategy and new business solutions. I started my career in advertising in 2005 with a degree  … [see more]

"It's in your hands"

Andrea Kolb

Founder | ABURY Collection

Berlin, Germany

I am a curious person. I love diving into different cultures and meeting people in their world. … [see more]

"All views subject to Gödel's incompleteness theorem."

Miriam Lyons

Fellow | Centre for Policy Development

Berlin, Germany

Relevant things to know about me: My most recent gig was a seven-year stint as Executive Director of the Centre for Policy Development, an Australian think-tank. I spent much of 2014 working on a new book, 'Governomics', with Ian McAuley. Right now I'm collecting and comparing progressive vision statements from around the world, under the  … [see more]

"I always wanted to live in the future."

Lin Kayser


Munich, Germany

I am technology entrepreneur, inventor and father of five. For the past decade, I worked in media software and until recently ran Adobe's video engineering group. Through my own companies, I invest in bold ideas and environmental awareness. I am fascinated by space, underwater exploration, clean energy and the potential of 3D printing of smart  … [see more]

Farah Lenser


Berlin, Germany

I like to live in Berlin, as a social scientist, freelance journalist , I am interested in fine arts, the beauty of life and all the obstacles lying in between. As facilitator of Open Dialogue Groups I am using different dialogue methodologies such as "Open Forum" and "Open Space", but also other moderation and organisation  … [see more]

"sustainability on a human level"

Torsten de Winkel

musician and philosopher | BIMBACHE openART Initiative & Festival (El Hierro, Canarias)

Frankfurt, Germany

current: artistic director of BIMBACHE openART Festival & Global Initiative for Arts & Sustainability / member of HATTLER, Echo Award winning German jazz&electronica group / independent intercultural and interdisciplinary projects • • • previous: Pat Metheny Group, New York Jazz Guerrilla, Joe Zawinul, Whitney Houston, Grandmaster Flash, Udo Jürgens and many others … [see more]

Eva Kristin Stein

designing & researching

Berlin, Germany

design (2D & 3D), cultural studies, ethnography, cultural anthropology … [see more]

Tobias Tanner

Business Development & Brand Strategist | Valise

Berlin, Germany

I am a recognised thought leader on lifestyle & luxury experiences. I am the founder of the Valise Society, a private members association which serves leaders of the Creative Class.  I began Valise with a mission to bring together globally minded creative professionals and provide them with services to keep them on the cutting edge  … [see more]

Akemi Tazaki

User Experience Consultant | Self Employed

Berlin, Germany

Global citizen with expertise in user experience design and keen interests in making stuff that delight people in everyday life. I am a seasoned user experience and service design consultant. Worked at Nokia, Autodesk, various design agencies and start-ups in Europe and America. By profession and up bringing I am kind of a person who  … [see more]

"Curious Mind"

Stefania Druga

Founder | HacKIDemia

Berlin, Germany

I like to work with kids and young people in STEM fields. I am a former Googler and graduated from an international Erasmus Mundus master of Media Engineering for Education (France, Spain, Portugal). In the summer of 2012 I was also the Education Teaching Fellow at Singularity University where I advised and coached 80 students  … [see more]

"Just do it."

Joy Lohmann

Artist/Designer |

Hanover, Germany

As an Artist, I always wanted to change the world. The fields of StreetArt and Social Sculpture are great to do so. My professional designer background helps to speak the language of the chosen target group and create experiential situations and environments for people to play their future and network with likeminded groups for collaborative  … [see more]

Shauna Cho

MBA student and Director | Munich Business School / 3plus1 Studio

Munich, Germany

Born in Malaysia, lived in China, studied in Germany and the UK – I believe I am a citizen of the world. My career and interests have traverse me through the worlds of art, film, food, design and hospitality, all of which I remains passionate about. Constantly seeking new knowledge and skills, has led me  … [see more]

"bring joy"

Sibylle Schwarz


Stuttgart/ PortoNovo, Germany

dynamic and joyfully driven by my creative urges, lost in space and time…my work represents my life, my life represents my work. Assimilating my experiences, observations and feelings transferring into imaginative techniques and unseen material mixes. … [see more]

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