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"Start with why."

Emma (Jinbo) Chen

Strategy planning

Shanghai, China

I believe every thing and life live for a reason, every business should start with a vision, if they want to last. And sooner or later they need a brand, even a single person needs to brand themselves. My work is to speak with the inventors, the change makers, the founders; take their passion and  … [see more]

"Created for Ideas"

Liu Chen

director, professor | Beijing Foreign Studies University

Beijing, China

I am a Professor of Social Sciences at the School of English and International Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU). PhD in Political Science (2002-2005) from Peking University and postdoctoral fellow in International Economics at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) of Harvard University. My research interests include public policy and global and  … [see more]

"Do good works, have fun and making an impact"

Michael Lu

Founder | KSJ Networks

Shenzhen, China

I was born in Taipei, Taiwan. My family immigrated to the United States when I was 11. At the age of 19, I graduated from Cornell University at the top of my class and entered Citibank as a business analyst specializing in investment toward Internet start up businesses. After 9/11, I went on a two  … [see more]

Richard Hsu

think | talk | walk

Shanghai, China

Shanghai born, I followed my family to Hong Kong, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland. After completing my architectural studies, I worked in US, Europe, Japan and Asia, in advertising / branding / design for a number of clients: The New York Times, Bank of America, Sothebys, Elizabeth Arden, MoMA, Madison Square Garden, Boeing, Sony, Johnson  … [see more]

"Art Rebels Party"

Miao Wong

Founder | ARP Creative

Beijing, China

"ARP", Art Rebels Party, is the multicultural artists base for creative collaboration where artists can express their passions and collaborate on unique projects with leading brands. Rebels in music, visual art, photography, film, dance, fashion and other creative fields can hold parties, exhibitions, workshops, screenings – anything related to music and art. Originating from Acupuncture  … [see more]

Bob Zheng

CEO | People Squared

Shanghai, China

I am the founder and CEO of People Squared, a Shanghai based co-working space that provides well-equipped work environments for freelancers, self-employed professionals and startup teams to work together and build social connections. Prior to founding People Squared two years ago, I co-founded, a social platform that connected Chinese high school students with western  … [see more]

"food, place and soul gives you endless possibilities"

Cho Chong Gee

Co-Founder and Managing Director | Sambal Group

Beijing, China

I am a Malaysian entrepreneur based in Beijing since 2001. I started with a hawker stall in Malaysia, and today own and run six hospitality venues in China. I am always seeking to create a space that me, my friends and family would feel comfortable to be spending time in. I always believe that it  … [see more]

"make a difference"

Ding Ding

co-founder | endev

shanghai, China

I am an urban planner and an development & construction consultant. I combine scattered ideas into productive solutions and practical strategies. Having worked for more than ten years with urban development and construction professionals from most parts of the world, i have a unique understanding of global practices. My social vision and cultural sensibility is  … [see more]

"Treat victory and defeat just the same, celebrate!"

Emmanuel Benbihy

Producer & Social Entrepreneur | Cities of Love

Shanghai, China

Founder and Producer of the Cities of Love global initiative and film franchise that started with "Paris, je taime" in 2006, "New York, I Love You" in 2009, and keeps going with multiple cities around the world such as "Rio, I Love You" in 2014. Cities of Love launches cultural / social movements that make  … [see more]

"Think globaly. Act locally."

Haiten Yu

Assitant to Chairman | Shanghai Zendai Group

Shanghai, China

I focus on curating and managing a new city development in Johannesburg, South Africa, named Modderfontein Project. I was trained as a civil engineer and architect. Now I am obsessed with business of sustainability, as well as internet and new media. According to human history, industrialization is always accompanied by environmental pollution, wasting of resources  … [see more]


Kris Provoost

Architect/Photographer/Urban Explorer

Shanghai, China

I am a Belgian architect and urban explorer living in Shanghai. I started the #donotsettle collective to inspire and motivate people to go out and explore their urban environment. Through different kinds of media, #donotsettle is trying to change the way we see the city. … [see more]

Justin WANG Shenglin

Founder | Beijing Makerspace

Shanghai, China

I am the founder of Beijing Makerspace & 18Innovation ... bringing the Maker Movement into China and helping hardware startups. 18Innovation has helped initiate over 20 projects in 9 countries, with 8 of the startups having a valuation of over 100million RMB. I have backpacked through over 30 countries, and have developed my own APP  … [see more]

"Find beauty in simplicity, enjoy it everyday"

Roxanne Andrieux

Board of Directors Advisor Investments | Healthcare Management China

Shanghai, China

While working in China in private equity, my passion for folk art is shared with my family and passed down through the generations. We are enabling a wider audience and future generations to live sustainably by making and donating to museums and learning institutions utilitarian folk art objects for daily use, primarly pottery. Finding beauty  … [see more]

Ricky Ye

CEO | DFRobot

Shanghai, China

After graduating from The University of Nottingham with Doctor degree in Robotics, I joined Robotics Institute as a researcher. I initiated Open Hardware project “HCR” in 2008. I came back in 2009 and founded DFRobot as CEO till now. I am now focused on Home Robotics, AI technologies and application, and the development of open  … [see more]

"Passion creates Possibilities"

Stefen Chow

Photographer | The Poverty Line

Beijing, China

I am a photographer and a mountaineer. By day, I am a commercial photographer, working with the largest corporations and publications. By heart, I am committed to doing photographic projects that make social sense. One is The Poverty Line, which is a global project combining food choice, economics and photography. … [see more]

Lisa Bu

Content Distribution Manager | TED

Hunan, China

Passionate about public media, I have worked as computer programmer, producer, researcher, blogger, project manager, etc. in various public media organizations in U.S. since 2004. Born and raised in China, I received my PhD in mass communication and MBA in information systems both from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I'm writing a book based on my  … [see more]

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