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Pilar Opazo

Post-Doctoral Research Scholar | Columbia University

Santiago, Chile

I like both theory and practice. I believe that one's work needs to have an impact and, for this reason, I am always looking for opportunities to apply ideas and methodologies to new settings. My passion is to understand social behavior by looking at agents' (individuals or organizations) attitudes, values and goals. I believe that  … [see more]

Javier Alvarez


Santiago, Chile

I am a documentary photographer whose focus is on social issues regarding identity and resistance in different cities around Latin America. I completed my study in Professional Photography at ARCOS (Arts and Communication school), where I proceeded to begin my career as an assistant for a fashion and advertising photography studio in Santiago. I am  … [see more]

Luke Ball

Assistant Director @startupchile | Start-Up Chile

Santiago, Chile

Assistant Director at Start-Up Chile. Biz Dev, Strategy and Product in companies small and large. Passionate about building programs and things with a focus on people. Husband, Father of one, Kiwi from Christchurch New Zealand, Storyteller and Writing-Junkie. BYU grad. … [see more]

"Just Do It!"

Fernanda Vicente

CEO, President and Co Founder | Inittia, Diverge, Mujeres del Pacifico y Kodea

Santiago, Chile

I am Director on the Board of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Latin America, President of Mujeres del Pacifico and CEO of Diverge and Inittia. I am passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship. I am a catalyst to push innovation with triple impact in companies, to empower woman and help to develop the entrepreneurship ecosystem in  … [see more]

"Authentic, Off the Beaten Path Travel"

Kyle Wiggins

Co-Founder, CEO | Keteka

Santiago, Chile

I am the CEO and Co-Founder of an Adventure travel marketplace of authentic, off the beaten path experiences. I'm originally from Dallas, TX, graduated from Harvard, worked in politics in NYC, and spent two years with the Peace Corps in Panama doing business development. I'm currently living and working in Santiago, Chile, participating in Start-Up  … [see more]

Isidora Undurraga

Executive Director | ForoInnovación Foundation

Santiago, Chile

I'm a passionate woman who enjoys seeing new developments of humanity in differents areas. I am a fan of trend analysis and forecasting. I'm the oldest sister of 5 siblings. I love go to the beach and swimming in the sea. My job is to find the best innovators in Chile, and give them the  … [see more]

"Gather silence, and then, fill it with dreams"

Joaquin Santuber

Entrepreneur lawyer | Global Opportunity (GO)

Santiago, Chile

I'm a young entrepreneur lawyer, looking for different challenges, learning from every experience with the aim to become a multi-skilled person. During the last time, I have been in an endless journey, that has taken me to meet wonderful people in the most incredible places, and to discover what lays underneath what we were told  … [see more]

Pablo Collada

Executive Director | Fundacion Ciudadano Inteligente

Santiago, Chile

We believe in the transfer of the power from the few to the many, through the use of technology and better information. … [see more]

Carolina Rossi

Founder & Ceo | yebame

Santiago, Chile

Former Director of the Global entrepreneurial Program: Start-Up Chile. During more than 3 years I was member of the team who build Start-Up Chile Program and lead the creation of the Social Impact System as well as the first alliances of the program. I have been Consultant at The World Bank and for more than  … [see more]

"Design your universe"

Alejandro Carboni Llanet

CEO | Romy Investments (Bethia Holding)

Santiago, Chile

Looking for people and ideas that can make a difference in the world. I am a senior executive with international experience in corporate turnarounds, general management, finance and accounting, business development, M&A, and growth strategies in the media, entertainment, corporate finance and consulting industries. I have a proven track record in identifying, negotiating and capturing  … [see more]

Pascuala Dominguez

Research Manager | Jameel Poverty Action Lab (JPAL)

Santiago, Chile

I studied management and economics, I have worked with people as much as with computers, and I have decided both are needed to make significant contributions to the world. Today I am research manager in JPAL. I coordinante projects that have the goal of ending poverty, not just designing or finding them, but also we  … [see more]

"“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” ~ Albert Einstein"

Valentina Aguad

Primary school teacher

Santiago, Chile

I love my work, I feel very lucky to be working in something that, for me,is very rewarding and fulfilling. I am always in touch with people, students, parents, the school community. I get to inspire the new generations, helping them develop very important abilities that are going to help them for life. I want  … [see more]

"Do Good Work"

Maria Jose Urrutia

Academy of Happiness Director | IF (Ideas Factory)

Santiago, Chile

I direct an Academy who try to give to the people the way to find their purpose in her professional life and then they will be able to find their happiness. … [see more]

"Boost SEMES globalization and use web 3.0 tools to break international trade barriers"

Andres Stewart Reid

Founder |

Santiago, Chile

My professional goal is to become a bridge between international trade and crowdfunding. I started my journey on the ministry of economy of Chile, then move to the ministry of foreign affairs, where I founded PLAN C, the first public program, in the world that uses crowdfunding as a base tool. Since late 2014 I'm  … [see more]

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants ~ Isaac Newton"

Angeles Undurraga

Executive Director & Co-Founder | Mujeres del Pacifico

Santiago, Chile

I studied Business and Administration at the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, where I also obtained a Masters in Finance and a Minor in Psychology and Organizations. I also graduated from Singularity University in NASA, a program which aims to find solutions to the great global challenges of humanity through the use of technologies. I have more  … [see more]

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