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Celso Santos

designer, CEO of Rio 21 Design and teacher | Rio 21 Design

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I am an industrial designer with a BA in design at ESDI-Rio in 1974, and a MA in design at PUC-Rio in 2017, with a lifetime experience as professional, having worked in industries like Ideal Standard (bathroom equipment), Escriba (office furniture), Ortopedia S.A. (hospital equipment) and M. Agostini (housewares), where I designed successful products that  … [see more]

"come on, folks"

Daniel Joppert

Idea architect | JopA

São Paulo, Brazil

I write (plays, stories, scripts), I produce (cultural and educational projects), I get people together, I set fire, I also go along. Music is my goal, nonetheless I am finishing my first feature movie as screen writer and producer and writing a biography (not mine, please!). I like the stage, the lights, left there is  … [see more]

Elena Crescia

Director of Ideas

Sao Paulo, Brazil

I am searching for ways to change the world with the power of ideas. Founder of Portfolia. Founder of Editora de Ideias. President of Net Impact Sao Paulo Chapter. Curator and organizer of TEDxJardins & TEDxJardinsWomen. Curator and organizer of TEDxSãoPaulo & TEDxSãoPauloWomen. Passionate about impact investment, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, social finance, gov 2.0, Latin  … [see more]

"How do you sense a paradigm shift?"

Roberto Wertman

Journalist | RAD4R

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Being a curious one, it is no surprise that I have been a journalist for the last 20+ years. Starting in the largest Brazilian TV network, Globo, I soon fell in love for images and video editing, working both as Producer and Senior Editor in numerous programs. I also spent a few years working as  … [see more]

Elis Monteiro

Journalist | RAD4R

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I am a journalist specializing in technology, telecommunications and digital media. I have extensive experience in newsrooms - always in technology - as well as holding positions in digital marketing. … [see more]

"Promote knowledge and happiness"

Aline Salcedo

Journalist | Aline Salcedo Business & Show Business

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I'm a journalist because I'm very curious about everything. And I found that this could be a good way to "investigate" my curiosities. In my case, I'm interested specially in people. And the best in my work is that I can have access to all kind of people and, more, I can ask anything to  … [see more]

"Never give up. Love, Truth and Unity."

Luis Magalhaes

Co founder Arca Urbana and Director of Business Development | Arca Urbana /Latino Australia Education - Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When I was 22 years old I went to Australia for a two months holidays where it became 13 years of lots of adventures, knowledge, personal and professional growth. Over there, I helped created the education industry founding (among others) the first office offering support for Latin American students in the region and later working  … [see more]

"Work, love , play"

Clarissa Biolchini

Design consultant | Clarissa Biolchini

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I am a brazilian designer specialized in Service Design, innovation consultancy and, brand strategy and partner of AC LAB, a innovation LAB that promotes workshops and courses, talks shows and exchange of ideas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We are willing to work with great people and exchange ideas with multicultural teams across the world. … [see more]

"Design, pure and simple"

Diana Joppert

Co-founder | Cremme

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Integrated brand of premium design furniture, producing locally projects from designers all over the world in order to make great designs possible in Brazil. … [see more]

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