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"If I can see it, I can make it"

Patrik Marien

Advisor product development approach, design & engineering - Professional triber

Antwerp, Belgium

I believe that visualizing situations, ideas and conversations as systems, connects people with different backgrounds and cultures to co-create great things with fun. I love to think like an artist and act like an engineer. My passion is helping leaders and teams to get creativity and the discipline to innovate the product design & development  … [see more]

"Co-create the Future"

Angelo Vermeulen

Space systems researcher, biologist, community artist | SEAD (Space Ecologies Art and Design)

Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

In my work I tie together technological, ecological, and social systems through group engagement and collaboration. Biomodd is one of my most well-known art projects and consists of a worldwide series of interactive art installations in which computers and ecosystems coexist. In 2009 I launched SEAD (Space Ecologies Art and Design), a platform for artistic  … [see more]

"Your Advocacy, Policy and Linguistic Experts"

Danielle Turkov

Founder/Consultant | Active International Consulting

Brussels, Belgium

I believe that creativity, empathy and a debating culture can move us as people forward and encourage a 'democracy' that fulfills society's needs. I founded a consultancy in the hub of the European Union providing expertise in political global advocacy. I work on a variety of cultural integration, regional cooperation and fundamental rights projects. My  … [see more]

"Doing well by doing good"

Reza Zain Jaufeerally

Researcher | University of Leuven

Duffel, Belgium

Dreamer with chutzpah. Ecologist. Social entrepreneur. Former barrister. Using finance to serve society. Libertarian. Love art, architecture, gardens & craftsmanship. Very concerned about the future but believes that humanity must overcome. … [see more]

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