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"Build Something Amazing"

Burak Yaman

Founding Coordinator | KWORKS - Koc University Entrepreneurship Research Center

Istanbul, Turkey

Burak Yaman is the founding coordinator of KWORKS (formerly Koc University Incubation Center) that assists entrepreneurs to build sustainable and scalable tech startups such as, and He is also co-founder of Lean Startup Atelier which promotes customer development and the Lean Startup methodologies in Turkish ecosystem. He has also served as coordinator  … [see more]

Niels van der Linden

(Digital) Product Person

Istanbul, Turkey

I love combining digital technology with solutions for real world problems, currently mostly focused on the need and desire of people to learn. I'm a technologist; I keep track of emerging technologies and analyze their potential in different markets and industries. I have a big passion for finding ways to create impact with technology by  … [see more]

Ayse Nur Özcan

Programs Manager | Impact Hub Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

Ayse Nur is a globetrotter with experience in social businesses and NGO’s in Asia, Africa, Europe and the U.S. She previously worked for Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus at the Yunus Centre, Bangladesh. Following her return to Turkey, she worked as a manager in prominent social enterprises. She has experience in project management,  … [see more]

"Passionate Entrepreneur, Curious Learner, Art Lover"

Canay Atalay

Cofounder | Patica

Istanbul, Turkey

I am a humanist, curious learner and mother -growing up together with my 2 daughters-. I accumulated and synthesized global business experience and methodologies over more than a decade mainly in innovation and business transformation domains using digital transformation, business design, design thinking & agile philosophical approaches. I co founded Patica in 2015., a disruptive  … [see more]

"Transdisciplinary Designer"

Engin Ayaz

Co-founder, Head of Design | ATÖLYE

Istanbul, Turkey

I am a transdisciplinary designer trained in architecture, engineering and interaction design and currently co-leading an innovation platform based in Istanbul. … [see more]

Kerem Alper

CEO / Co-founder | ATÖLYE Labs

Istanbul, Turkey

I'm a curious interdisciplinary designer seeking to build an organization to tackle some of the fundamental challenges of our era such as education, sustainability, and new work models. … [see more]

"Find the people to change the world with..."

Memet Ünsal

Program Director | InnoCampus

Istanbul, Turkey

I'm a project manager, PhD mechanical engineer with specialization in robotics, and a backpacking/photography enthusiast. I recently quit my corporate job and moved to Istanbul so I can work on several projects close to my heart. With the help of friends, past colleagues and likeminded collaborators, I hope to develop projects for strengthening the innovation  … [see more]

"be real and make difference"

dogan taskent

Chairman | MIT Enterprise Forum Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

connecting people with content to make progress in entrepreneurship environment. supporting high tech startups on commercialization … [see more]

Jerry Musnitsky

CEO | NextGen Tel

Istanbul, Turkey

I am an entrepreneur with expertise in creating companies based on advanced technologies and operating worldwide. I began in the defense electronics business and moved into technology transfer from the US National Laboratories. I founded companies in various fields and technologies, building the business plan, creating intellectual property, attracting investors and taking the companies to  … [see more]


Patrick Bosteels

Strategist-Enabler-Mentor | Stage-Co

Istanbul, Turkey

I am the founder of Stage-Co. a progressive and independent platform connecting VCs, startups and mentors in Turkey. I have been the creator of many things, starting in school, very early at the Academy of fine Arts in Gent, Belgium to become a photographer, cineaste. I spent my first professional years as a free-lancer working  … [see more]

"Create Real Value"

Bugra Pamuksuzer

COO | Startupbootcamp Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

Studied MIS Engineering at Bosphorus University and Management Specialisms at University of Manchester. Started my early career in Finance Industry & worked at various roles. These include being an Analyst at an intermediary company for capital markets, managing funds, managing private wealth of HNW clients, IB (inv. banking) and M&A's. I stopped when I was  … [see more]

"I'm not my job. My job is what I am."

Akar Sumset

Head of Product | Emlak Jet

Kars, Turkey

I'm an engineer who is into social sciences. As you can tell, I do a lot of catalyzing, problem solving, design. i do those not only for products but also for processes. How did I end up being like this? I did not want to be an engineer but wanted learn math. Yet I did  … [see more]

"the biggest risk is not to risk"

Anna Spreafico

Cultural Project Manager | freelance

Istanbul, Turkey

I'm a Milan-Istanbul based cultural project manager. From 2003 until September 2014 I worked for esterni, a non-profit organization based in Milan which operates in the art and cultural sector, as coordinator of the Public Design Festival and project manager for many projects. From June 2007 to September 2014 I was a member of esterni's  … [see more]

"Do good work"

Behice Ertenu

Dr | Bogazici University

istanbul, Turkey

I am lecturing at Bogazici University, Faculty of Management courses like "Creativity&Leadership"; "Management & Organizations". I am also tutoring Phd Students at Okan University. My subject is "Culture & Leadership" Apart from my academic activities, I am involved in some social innovation projects. I am mentoring young people, give workshops for students, professionals in design  … [see more]

"No representation without a conversation!"

Mustafa Osman Turan

Diplomat | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

I am a career diplomat with working experience in a variety of challenging environments from the Balkans to Afghanistan. Currently I am heading the department for G20 Outreach and Engagement at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Having discovered "coworking" experiences of social entrepreneurs and change-makers and got fascinated by the idea of sharing an inspiring  … [see more]

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