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"Leading Through Culture & Creative Ideas Across Borders"

Annie Ivanova

Cultural Entrepreneur | International Curator | Author | Studio Ivanova

Taipei, Taiwan

ANZ Chamber of Commerce, Business Award winner for 'outstanding contribution to the Australia-Taiwan partnership' | Most successful independent curator in Australia with 120+ projects worldwide | 50+ inter/national awards & grants | Specialist in Art-Sci-Tech | Strong Cross-cultural Communicator | Serial Founder | Company Owner | Acclaimed Author of 'Taiwan by Design' … [see more]

Janus Huang

Founder & CEO & Designer | Taipei Base Design Center

Taipei, Taiwan

A cross-field business operator, who has more than 20 years design working experience and am honored as one of the most influential 50 designers. The design fields include interior space design, architecture space design, product design and visual design, also one of quite less Asian that has won 4 highest global design award. The team  … [see more]

"Futurist, Curator, Strategy Facilitator, Coach"

Keke Quei

Futurist, Curator, Entrepreneur | KI Future Lab

Taipei-Shanghai, Taiwan

I am an Organization TourGuide, curating journeys making blueprints with people who care about their shared future and wish to create that future. … [see more]

Ted Hung

Founder/Director | Fablab Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan

After living and working in US for 10 years as an architect and product designer, I went back to Taiwan, my home country and established its first Fab Lab in Taipei. My goal is to build a maker paradise in Taipei, and encourage people to make, learn, share together and create more. … [see more]

"be brave, be honest, be strong and be soft."

Sarina Yeh

director | the thermos foundation

Taipei, Taiwan

I have been working for the Thermos Foundation for more than 13 years. And over the past 5 years, we have created 2 spaces in Taipei to promote culture, educational insight and art through workshops, events and exhibitions. The goal of my life is to contribute to other people's happiness or visions through diverse programs  … [see more]

"Human being can be great, heaven is on earth"

Li-Tsuei Sun

Directer of theatre, performer and teacher | Shang Orientheatre

Taipei, Taiwan

I was born in a warehouse in Taoyuan where it was over 20 northern Chinese refugees' families lived , they had left China in 1949 with Chiang Kai-shek government. Both my parents had already married in China before they came to Taiwan and arrived alone, for them, to get married again and have me born  … [see more]

Edward Shen

CEO | StorySense Computing, Inc.

Taipei City, Taiwan

I am a big fan of stories. Holding a master's degree from the MIT Media Laboratory, I have a cross-disciplinary expertise in filmmaking and story understanding technologies. My documentary film, "Life. Research." was officially selected in the Plymouth Independent Film Festival 2007, and my technical papers were published in major academic conferences, including ACM CHI  … [see more]

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