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Lucy Rist

Founder | Girls in Sport

Umeå, Sweden

I use sport as a tool for social change. I work with all types of physical and outdoor activities as well as movement and the body as ways of supporting transformation in people and in our society. In the past I worked in sustainability research with both natural and social science perspectives so I still  … [see more]

"Research designer, author, filmmaker, lecturer, facilitator"

Nora Bateson

President | International Bateson Institute

Stockholm & San Francisco, Sweden

My life & work is about increasing perception of the interrelationality that creates life. Since living systems are everywhere, I work with many sectors, generations, cultures and professionals. The spectrum of people and places I work with is a wondrous laboratory of context comparison... for mutual learning, for the ever lasting study of interdependency and  … [see more]

"In the end it is all about life."

David Carlson

Strategic creative director |

Falsterbo, Sweden

I have been working with design strategy and creative direction for more than 25 years. A year ago I released a book called Make Design Matter, a pocket size guide to meaningful design. I'm a board member of Svensk Form, the design association mandated by the Swedish government to promote Swedish design. My social life  … [see more]

"We made it? What happened? We happened."

John Kellden

Founder | Sceenius

Norrkoping, Sweden

Cards catalyzing stories, Conversations that mind and matter, Digital communities, Media productions Wife, three grown kids, cat and dog in Norrkoping, Sweden. Coffee. … [see more]

Nikolaus Frank

Industrial Designer MFA ID

Stockholm, Sweden

I design products and develop new product ideas for current development and production, but also for future products, making use of new, emerging and future technologies. Have designed transport, lighting, electrical appliances, telecom products and musical instruments, working with international design groups and development teams in UK, North America, and with companies in Asia. Was  … [see more]

Örjan Sölvell

Professor | Stockholm School of Economics

stockholm, Sweden

I spend my days educating students, carrying out research and doing my best in building my research center - the Center for Strategy and Competitiveness. … [see more]

"Clarity and simplicity"

Jaan Orvet

UX Designer & Product Development advisor

Stockholm, Sweden

Independent UX designer and Product Development advisor. Co-founder at Skrivr and OpenTypography. Former Global Head of Creative at Nansen [Stockholm, Chicago, London, New York, Washington D.C.]. Previously UX & Design Director at Huddle, Telegraph Tech Start-up 100 Award winner. Inaugural RHoK judge with founding partners NASA, The World Bank, Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft. Co-author of  … [see more]


Jan Friman

Business Developer | Inforganic Labs

Stockholm, Sweden

Innovator and Business Developer. Background in Management Consulting and Project Management. Also: Creative Director and Photographer Keen interest in: Content Marketing, Leadership, Technology, Environment and Personal Development. … [see more]

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