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Freelance Consultant |

Barcelona, Spain

I am a scientist, a science communicator, a biohacker and a museum innovator. I promote scientific culture by transforming science into social, fun, engaging experiences and create democratic science ecosystems for the community. In the upcoming years, we will see the creation of multidisciplinary community-based science labs at museums, libraries, cultural centers, schools, universities etc.  … [see more]

"Turn Off The App: GO OUTSIDE"

Aaron Perlmutter

Entrepreneur | @turnofftheapp

Barcelona, Spain

I'm 29 years old (as of December 2017). 12-26 y/o: I read a lot, traveled a lot, observed the world, attained several university degrees. That wasn't a waste of time. 26-now: Entrepreneurship. Wish I'd started at 12 years old. … [see more]

Laura Gomez


Barcelona, Spain

Founder, Publisher & Curator of KLASSIK MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL Previously VIP Relations Manager and Communications Manager at Markowicz Art Fine Gallery, Miami, Fl … [see more]

"You are the story that you chose to tell."


Storytelling coach. Gender activist. | The A Factor. Shiftbalance.

Barcelona, Spain

I am passionate about helping people shape their own narrative. Who are you? How do you portray yourself? To others but also to yourself? I run workshops all over the world to spread awareness on gender stereotypes, to scout for solutions and to coach women leaders in storytelling. … [see more]

Angelica Dass


Madrid, Spain

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I live and work in Madrid. I understand photography as a dialogue from personal to global; like a game in which the personal and social codes are put at stake to be reinvented, a continuous flow between the photographer and the photographed, a bridge between masks and  … [see more]

Alberto Herencia

Creative Director | ah!

Madrid, Spain

I bring years of experience in brand creation across a broad range of industries and countries with a deep knowledge of the Latin American region. My work focuses in the creative phase of branding: naming and design, as well as brand strategy and architecture, brand platform and verbal identity. I have also worked on a  … [see more]

Javier Carda Guinot

Finance Advisor/Entrepreneur, Co-founder & CFO | DO Lectures Costa Rica

Villarreal, Spain

It all started with an idea. To bring the DOers of the world together and ask them to share their stories. The successes, the failures. No prejudice or political agenda. Instead, an experience that would take you out of your comfort zone while providing the tools for creative ideas and personal transformations to flourish through  … [see more]

"Mix, shake, accelerate and let the new emerge!"

Ramon Sangüesa

Founder and Research Director | Equipocafeína

Barcelona, Spain

I started in technology but got involved in social innovation and creativity. I love anything that is not yet there but eventually could be whether in art, science, technology, or design. … [see more]

"Work hard, do my best and enjoy the journey"

Evaristo Nogales

CEO/Associate Professor | Walnuters

Seville, Spain

An idiom that I love is: "you have to move really fast to remain in the same place" I really feel that I began to run decades ago and have never stopped. If I was a blog, my tags would be kids, family, technology, marketing, teaching, cooking, tennis and travels. I am nowadays focused on  … [see more]

"My images tell stories that go beyond the picture itself"

Angela Martín-Retortillo


Madrid, Spain

I started my University in Madrid but graduated as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Minneapolis, where I was living at the time. Went on to get my Master's degree in Art History, Theory and Criticism at the Art Institute of Chicago. I now live and work in Madrid, Spain. My work has been published  … [see more]

"learn to grow to fab better!"

Cristina Reguant

project lead | [hort/lab] project

Barcelona, Spain

product design / food production process chains / horticulture systems mass production / agriculture-agronomics fab-processes / hort-processes design thinking / green edible thinking liquid models / methabolic models b2p /p2p fab-lab's / hort-lab's sustanaible / inclusive … [see more]

"Beauty is anything that puts out far more energy than what went into making it in the first place."

Thomas Gerlach

Creative Director | Dobble Brand Consulting & Creation

Madrid, Spain

I am a brand consultant, graphic designer, namer, creative director and photographer. I've worked for over 25 years in design and branding in multinational branding agencies and 10 in my company, Dobble Brand Consultancy, based out of Madrid. I've lived in Venezuela, Barbados, Los Angeles, London, New York and now, Madrid. I've been lucky to  … [see more]

"Bringing innovation to light"

Jaime Martin

CEO | Lantern

Madrid, Spain

Entrepreneur, always thinking about inspiration CEO, always learning Consultant, always listening Thinker, always conneting the dots... I spent eight years in USA, completing an MBA in UCLA. This instilled in me a thirst for entrepreneurial adventures and a declared love for Asian cuisine, surf and running. I worked in investment banking and private equity for  … [see more]

"Old Stories, New Beginnings..."

Belen Fernandez-Vega

Jewel Designer and entrepreneur | TO BE continued...

Madrid, Spain

I am a lucky person and I love to share my time by helping people I find everyday. Being a mother makes me think how important are small things to make big things. I do not work in a lab to create a formula to save the world from any kind of sickness, but I  … [see more]

"Innovation consulting firm"

David Lacasa

Partner | Lantern

Madrid, Spain

Lantern is an innovation consultancy that delivers top-line growth for their clients through new products, brands and businesses … [see more]

"innovation think tank"

Antonella Broglia

consultant | Infonomia

Madrid, Spain

Organizer of TEDxMadrid and TEDxYouth@Madrid and Ambassador of Ashoka Spain and Senior Ambassador TEDx for Europe … [see more]

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