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"We are the sum of our neural connections"

Jean Labuschagne

Philanthropist | The Labuschagne Foundation

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Entrepreneur, expert in next generation neuromodulation technologies and engaged philanthropist. I believe that every person, whether healthy or ill, has the right to be healthier in order to live a better life. In 2015, I founded The Labuschagne Foundation to help fund research in neuroscience and bioengineering along with new advances in integrated technology with  … [see more]

"Thinge derive their being and nature in mutual dependence."

Michael Cope


Cape Town, South Africa

I have been designing and making jewellery since 1971. That was also the year that I published my first poem. Since then I have published some novels and books of poems, and have done a number of other things - including 8 years spent as a computer systems analyst and programmer. I started doing Karate  … [see more]

"Magic Happens"

Ithateng Mokgoro

General Designer | Gamatong

Johannesburg, South Africa

The world, when seen through my eyes, is one exhilarating piece of design. And there is no problem so complex that a good dose of design thinking cannot solve. … [see more]

"Magic Happens"

Kelo Kubu

Director | Gamatong Design

Johannesburg, South Africa

I am the founder and executive director of Gamatong Design Enterprise, a Johannesburg based design agency. I am also the licensee for TEDxJohannesburg and the convenor for TEDxSoweto since 2010. I am also TEDxAmbassador for Africa and a member of the Mandela Poster Project Collective. … [see more]

"Modern youth are magnificent"

Dave Pitcairn

School Principal | Reddam

Sydney, South Africa

As the Principal of a school I spend huge amounts of time dealing with people. Being calm and consistent are qualities that I feel help me have trusting relationships with students, parents and teachers. I love being in a position to positively influence peoples lives. I truly enjoy working with teenagers and their infectious optimism  … [see more]

"Whole mind | Whole body | Whole person thinking"

Itha Taljaard

CEO | Sense2Solve

Johannesburg, South Africa

I spent my time learning as much as I can about thinking (the neuroscience, the brain, the body, preferences, social and emotional elements) and how to tap into both the conscious and unconscious brain to improve thinking in a deliberate way. I facilitate problem solving, ideation, strategy, futures and design thinking using a variety of  … [see more]

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