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"Interculturist, Global Citizen, Community Builder + Strategist"

Grace Clapham

Founder | The Change School & Agent Grace

Singapore, Singapore

A Third Culture Kid, born in Jakarta, Indonesia, I've lived in Asia for nearly 20 years and spent majority of my primary and high school years in Singapore before moving to live in various other countries. I have a passion for inspiring young entrepreneurs and individuals to take action and make a change, no matter  … [see more]

"Rethink, Redefine, Ideate, Build, Bridge, Impact"

Yau Boon Lim

Co-Founder | dsignthinkr LLP

Singapore, Singapore

A graduate from School of Architecture, and MBA in International Business, I started my journey in designing and building homes, before embarking on a long career in marketing and strategy for enterprise software and info-comm technology innovators such as IBM, Motorola and SAP. With background in architecture, I evolved into a proponent in design thinking,  … [see more]

"I build, fund and grow new ventures"

Dave Lim

Polymath, provocateur, possibility and pioneer |

Singapore, Singapore

I bring and build ideas into reality. I am at TEDx Ambassador, Singularity U alum, and have been cofounder of Innovation X at The Coca-Cola Company, a venture capitalist in a $ 1bil Asia Pacific fund growing >200 companies, a high tech entreprenuer in Silicon Valley and Asia, innovation catalyst, a digital environmentalist at EarthHour-WWF,  … [see more]

"Every problem is an opportunity of having fun"

Liu Yan

Social Entrepreneur | School of Gumption

Singapore, Singapore

At School of Gumption, we build skills, learning experience and networks needed for purpose driven entrepreneurs or intrapreneur to become a better leader of positive impact, of which entrepreneurial mindset is an important skill for everyone, regardless of their topic and positions … [see more]

"Perpetual learning"

Asher Devang

Innovation and Strategy Consultant | Innosight, TEDxSingapore, Singularity University, +Acumen

Singapore, Singapore

I am an innovation and strategy consultant at Innosight. Prior to this, I worked at a start-up called smove where I helped create an electric-vehicle sharing service in Singapore. I am obsessed with trends and cutting edge innovations across industries. I attended Singularity University to fully understand the exponential technologies that will change almost every  … [see more]

"Learn. Do. Repeat"

Mark Hon

Early Stage Investor |

Singapore, Singapore

I am always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our portfolio companies in Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, London, and Vancouver. I am an accredited private investor with experience in leading early stage company to IPO. I am co-founder of Sugar venture builder and venture partner at Garage Technology Ventures. I am also the  … [see more]


Leendert Leo Mulder

Creative advisor | Leo-Q Pte Ltd

Singapore, Singapore

Always need to move and looking for the exciting. Living in Asia (Cambodia/Singapore) as well in Europe (NL, Amsterdam) will make sure its never a dull moment and an abundance of ideas and inspiration. Walking through life and talking to people is what keeps me going.. and bringing my wife and daughter (2013) along makes  … [see more]


Paula Miquelis

Project Manager | Gone Adventurin'

Singapore, Singapore

Born and raised in Nice – South East of France – my irrepressible curiosity and passion for travel led me to study in Paris and later Hong Kong. That first taste of Asia got me hooked and I was quickly back for more. I joined a social enterprise based in Singapore - Gone Adventurin’ -  … [see more]


Jacqui Hocking

Creative Director | Gone Adventurin

HUBsg, Singapore

I'm the co-founder of a company in Singapore, "Gone Adventurin" which uses my Documentary filmmaking background to help big corporates make social & environmental impact. After sailing around the world with a UN Global Climate Expedition, I'm currently trying to build a company in Singapore called "Gone Adventurin". So far we've raised millions of dollars  … [see more]

"The Open Innovation Company"

Adam Lyle

Executive Chairman | Padang & Co Pte Ltd

Singapore, Singapore

I am passionate about the intersection of design thinking, innovation and environmental sustainability . As a consultant/investor/entrepreneur I am keen to combine change management & behavourial change principles to create sustainably driven innovation across a range of businesses and platforms. I have spent 12 years in Asia as a change management consultant, trainer and facilitator  … [see more]

"Touch and Impact lives"

Lee Chon Cheng

Strategy Engineer | ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Singapore, Singapore

I am a strong believer of Steve Job's famous quote that those people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. I work in the energy industry and am touching peoples' lives through improvement of how we consume energy. I founded a charity organisation back in 2009  … [see more]

"Make it happen"

Gao Yating

Technologist | ExxonMobil

Singapore, Singapore

I love to travel around and meet people from diversed background. I have been to over 20 countries at the age of 25. The furthest place I went was Uganda and I enjoyed different culture very much. I have passion in energy industry. Willing to share with you all about my vision for further energy  … [see more]

"Imagination is more important than knowledge...(A. Einstein)"

Lorenzo Petrillo

Founder | LOPELab

Singapore, Singapore

A degree in interion design and a master degree in service design at Politecnico di Milano brought me to work all around the world in many different fields of design. From freelancing to managing regional MNCs, from small and innovative creative agencies to organized corporations, from the old continents to the new emerging markets, my eyes and  … [see more]

"Work hard, Play even harder"

Priscilla Han

Investment Manager | New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

Singapore, Singapore

Investment-banker. Entrepreneur. Mother. Advisor. Investor. Life is short and I want to experience multiple roles in life to be able to empathize with a wide range of people. Experiences will allow me to learn from other people's mistakes and successes and be more self-aware of the world. Till 12-months ago, I was like most people  … [see more]

"Publishing & Design Consultancy"

Kelley Cheng

Creative Director | The Press Room

Singapore, Singapore

I am a pop culture junkie who abandoned my honours degree in architecture to pursue my dream of making a magazine. After a decade of running my own design magazine ish and winning a few awards along the way, today I am the Editor-in-Chief of Singapore Architect magazine, runs my own publishing & design consultancy  … [see more]

Richard Korff

Business Owner | SolidModels

Singapore, Singapore

I have a traditional science/math background but I try to to work on having the artsy side of my brain catch up with the analytical side. I am one of the co-organizers of CreativeMornings Singapore and a co-curators of TEDxSingapore where I am a self-described “meddler in many things”. I have worked in the corporate  … [see more]

"Connect. Converse.Collaborate.Inspire."

Michelle Wan

Founder | Plus Wan Communications

Singapore, Singapore

I am passionate about connecting ideas and people to initiate conversations and change for the greater good. It all begins with our personal and professional circles of influence. … [see more]

"to inform; to educate; to discuss"

Richard Chua

Editor | Theatrex Asia

Singapore, Singapore

I am a cultural academic who has a keen interest in the fields of entertainment, design and the cultural practices of overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia, through the artistic practices of theatre (performing arts) practitioners. Everyday I strive to give a little something to whoever I meet in order to make his/her life a little  … [see more]

Rebecca Clay

Solutions Architect | Bazaarvoice

Singapore, Singapore

Native Texan transplanted to Asia to lead my Austin-based software company's technical efforts in APAC. Busy building an amazing and diverse team to lead the region in word-of-mouth marketing. … [see more]

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