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"craft prospective scenarios and design products and spaces"

Alexandre Ralston Bau

Designer | Ralston & Bau

Dale i Sunnfjord, Norway

We craft prospective scenarios and design products and spaces. Mastering knowledge tools such as design thinking, innovative material technology and as the curators of the research through design program Ideal Lab, the studio pursue the unexpected and unexplored for companies and organisations that relate to people and contribute to a sustainable society. I co-founded the  … [see more]

"Be flexible."

Alf Lim

Leadership Development Program | The Global Education & Leadership Foundation

Arendal, Norway

My name is Alf Lim. I was born and raised in Arendal, Norway, lived in Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Shanghai, New York, and I am now residing in New Delhi, India. I have degree in Economics with a double minor in Psychology and Business Studies at New York University's honors college in Abu Dhabi. I  … [see more]

"Control is for Beginners"

Carl Stormer

Speaker, trainer, musician | Jazzcode AS

Oslo, Norway

I WONDER: Is a jazz-quartet more efficient today than 50 years ago? Was Edvard Munch more efficient than Rembrandt? Is efficiency even relevant in art? How does psycological safety and mastery influence my ability to listen? How do I best manage attention when faced with complexity where good practices don´t exist? What options must improvisers  … [see more]

"We create success stories"

Karl Philip Lund

Advisor | Kingspoint

Oslo, Norway

My goal is to have fun creating online success stories and eventually I want to help build a company based on a new and innovative idea. In the mean time I teach digital marketing at the Oslo School of Management and I help a variety of companies. … [see more]

Arne Krokan

professor | Norgwegian University of Science and Technnology

Oslo - Nittedal, Norway

I am a professor in sociology, working with digital *, star meaning education, economy, strategy, transition. I am publishing books in Norwegian entitled "The digital Economy" ,"Smart Learning", The Network Economy", "The Friction Free Society" as well as articles. I am also a nano brewer and beekeeper, novise after one year of experience on both  … [see more]

"Avoid categorization"

Espen Andersen

Associate Professor | BI Norwegian Business School

Oslo, Norway

I teach technology strategy, innovation and business development, write thought pieces for newspapers, do case study teaching for Harvard Business School, run my own consulting company (advisory, speaking) and dabble in everything I find interesting. … [see more]

Birger Sevaldson

Professor | Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Tønsberg, Norway

I am educated interior architect and furniture designer with a PhD in design computing/ digital creativity and a research interest in Systems Thinking. I am leading the work at AHO regarding Systems Oriented Design and Giga-mapping. … [see more]

"Designs that relate to people"

Birgitta Ralston

Designer / CEO | Ralston & Bau

Dale i Sunnfjord, Norway

I am a swedish-american designer, dedicated to give each design a sense of meaning and personality made for a sustainable future. I co-founded the Ralston & Bau studio in 2001 and initiated Transplant, a collaborative design centre that opened on the West coast of Norway in 2007. Interested in making a difference with design, I  … [see more]

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