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"Developing the next generation of directors and boardrooms"

Paul Smith

Founder /CEO | Future Directors Institute

Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

My purpose in life is potential, empowering and connecting the key players in the "new economy". Those people and businesses who have cottoned-on to the fact that "every man for himself" is not as successful as "every human for each other". I am the Founder of the Future Directors Institute - an education company and  … [see more]

"If the Gods are watching, then put on a good show."

Dee Anderson

Innovation | Education New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand

A decade in the music industry led to consulting in the arts and culture sector bringing REMIX to Sydney, a global summit exploring the intersection between Culture, Technology and Entrepreneurship. Currently I am heading up some exciting innovation projects for the tertiary sector in New Zealand. I also consult in International Government relations with a  … [see more]

"Understand. Adapt. Thrive."

Kaila Colbin

Ambassador | Singularity University

Christchurch, New Zealand

I'm the Australian and New Zealand Ambassador for the Silicon Valley-based Singularity University, founded by tech titans Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis. In February 2018, we're bringing the first ever SingularityU Summit to Australia. The 3-day event will cover not only exponential technologies like artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, and digital biology, but also their implications:  … [see more]

"Illegitimi non carborundum"

Alistair Humphrey

Public Health Physician | Canterbury District Health Board

Christchurch, New Zealand

As Medical Officer of Health for Canterbury I am appointed under the Health Act to protect and promote the public health, using education, advocacy and sometimes the law. There are more than 600,000 Cantabrians to keep healthy, which can be a challenge, particularly as we seem to have more than our fair share of earthquakes! … [see more]

Jonathan Bielski

Artistic Director | Auckland Festival

Auckland, New Zealand

Previously Director, Programming at Sydney Opera House, now leading Auckland Festival from 2018. … [see more]

"Be present and help great people be even better"

Murray Strong

Independent Chairman & Director

Christchurch, New Zealand

I'm a specialist generalist. With experience in aviation, education, tourism, banking, central and local government and a host of others, I've been lucky to work with a lot of great people. That's extended to public speaking and working with speakers in TEDx Queenstown and Christchurch as their speaker coach - fun and really rewarding to  … [see more]

"Subvert. Dissent. Entertain."

Slavko Martinov

Filmmaker | Sabineprogram & 33 Media

Christchurch, New Zealand

My last film, 'Propaganda' (the world's first propumentary) is quite different from the film I'm currently editing (a distinctly Kiwi feature documentary called 'Pecking Order'). It explores the complex, often paradoxical relationship between humans and animals (to be released in 2017). … [see more]

Thomas Le Bas


Wellington, New Zealand

Thomas is a designer, researcher and teacher. He currently teaches design at Massey University's College of Creative Arts in Wellington, New Zealand. At the same time, he also has a research role in the College's Design+Democracy Project and is working on an online tool to encourage greater participation in local elections. … [see more]

Sam Johnson

Civic Entrepreneur

Christchurch, New Zealand

Working on projects driving the recovery of a city following a disaster and sharing our progress/ lessons with the world! I'm focused on Christchurch's new identity, humanity's risk to natural disasters and initiatives that could be transformative in building a more beautiful world. I thrive on drawing simple actions out of chaotic situations, creating strategies  … [see more]

"educate, innovate, courage and co-create"

Jerome Partington

Sustainability Manager - Senior Associate/ Architecture | Jasmax

Auckland, New Zealand

I like to imagine and co-create solutions that heal our world. I work for a NZ architecture & design practice - as the inside outsider. Probing, challenging, generating - looking for opportunities to lift our's and our clients game for sustainability / restorative/ regenerative practice in the built environment. I don't see barriers. I educate  … [see more]

Samantha Davey

Co-Owner | Crave Cafe

Auckland, New Zealand

A few of us got together (over food and wine) and decided we wanted to be good neighbours and live in / help create a great neighbourhood. We chipped in and started Crave Collective, a charitable organisation - that means that all of our profits go towards the community, and helping destroy poverty of any  … [see more]

"Making a difference"

Jeremy Baker

Deputy Vice-Chancellor | Lincoln University

Wellington, New Zealand

I am focused on helping organisations make a difference. I have always been fascinated by the connection (or not) between education, learning and work. My career has focused on this issue. I have been able to work in the public and private sectors, for government think-tanks, for advocacy groups and in the university sector. … [see more]

"Some good in our hood"

Nigel Cottle

Owner/manager | Crave Cafe

Morningside, New Zealand

I believe in engaging your local geographic neighbourhood. A group of us in our community got together called ourselves the Crave Collective and set about making our neighbourhood a better place to live. The cafe is one outworking of this. We run cooking classes in our houses - primarily to have people from the neighbourhood  … [see more]

"I try to avoid mottos."

Ryan Reynolds

Freelance Academic, Consultant | Gap Filler Trust, Life in Vacant Spaces

Christchurch, New Zealand

I'm really interested in governance and process design. I was involved founding a couple of creative non-for-profits doing some exciting urban experiments after the 2010/2011 earthquakes in Christchurch. Since then, I've put much of my efforts into setting up the systems, processes & frameworks to (paradoxically?) nurture and sustain a culture of experimentation and thriving  … [see more]

"If you want something, get off your bum and make it happen."

Paul Dickson

Founder | Head2Head Charity

Auckland, New Zealand

I'm going to keep this short and sweet, basically I've decided to live life the way I want it to be lived, I've married the woman I'm supposed to be with and now I've stopped being told what to do, by people who shouldn't be in positions of such power and making the way in  … [see more]

Nick Kapica

Designer and Lecturer | SV Associates

Wellington, New Zealand

I am passionate about visual communication, interested in all fields of design and architecture, and my favourite projects are those requiring a multitude of design fields. I am not afraid to tackle the unknown and excited by new challenges, I am committed to delivering excellent results and maintain a fine eye for details throughout. I  … [see more]

"... co-creating possibilities ..."

Mark Bradford

Senior Lecturer | Massey University, College of Creative Arts, School of Design

Wellington, New Zealand

I'm a Senior Lecturer in graphic design at Massey University, School of Design, Wellington, New Zealand. My research investigates design leadership within creative practice through both theoretical and applied design. This exploration is undertaken through the design of dynamic brand identities, innovative online solutions, social media strategies, as well as published texts focusing on 'how'  … [see more]


Jamie Joseph

Writer / Activist |

Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

I am a writer and environmental activist, currently working full time on Africa's poaching crisis. From October 2014 I will join the wildlife rangers on the frontline writing 'stories from the trenches'. There is a war going on, and this environmental terrorism will lead to more conflict, unemployment and poverty. For what? Man's insatiable greed  … [see more]

Mark Sommerset

Author and Founder | Dreamboat Books

Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Creating beautiful, fun, thoughtful picture books - for grown ups as much as kids - that's my thing. … [see more]

"People powered change"

Marianne Elliott

National Director | ActionStation

Wellington, New Zealand

I'm Marianne Elliott, National Director for ActionStation. My background is varied - I've been a human rights lawyer, campaigner, peacekeeper, yogi, an author and a restauranteur. My vision is for an Aotearoa NZ which has a world-leading presence for upholding high standards for fairness, sustainability and transparency in government. I'm also a writer (author of  … [see more]

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