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"Think about future mobility"

Marcel Schreuder

Founding Partner | Springtime

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I am founding partner of Springtime, a design studio based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I started Springtime with fellow TU Delft graduates and is design studio with vast experience in product design and innovation and with an international client base (including Nike, Heineken, Toyota, Coca-Cola). Springtime has a prolific background in electric mobility development. Springtime has also been  … [see more]

"The hardest thing a person can ever do, is think from another 's point of view"

Steve Seager

Digital Strategy & Story consultant | Storywise

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I'm an innovator in digital story design: a narratologist, problem-solver, thinker and doer. I combine business, data and systems-smarts, with problem solving in strategy & story. I started out as a pro musician, songwriter and marcom freelancer. I wrote TV Jingles, a theatre play, video and film scripts, taught media production, and worked on a  … [see more]

"Big Ideas, Big Heart, Big Impact."

Oona Eager

Head of Community Engagement | THNK

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands

I am a professional convener and communicator, committed to advancing innovation for good. I am formerly of the corporate tourism world, but have always been entrepreneurial at heart. … [see more]

"Prototype positive change"

Stefan Hoevenaar

Founder, creative director | ILUMY, Plek

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Born a prototyper and entrepreneur. As a kid, before my 16th birthday, I prototyped a plant watering system, programmed instant messaging for the C64, painted bicycles for money, organised regional parties and learned to design and print the promo-posters, and won the youth prize in a national contest to run a virtual chocolate factory. In  … [see more]

"Designers of business result"

Willem Kars

Strategic business development | Jacobs&Kars

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Considered a thought leader in 'branding for business' I am currently involved in strategic business development. With partner Joris Jacobs we focus on adding concrete value to the client's brand. Thorough research lies at the heart of our creative methods. Less than 10% of the world's population manages conceptual thinking. So let us do that.  … [see more]

"Developing engaging education for future design thinkers"

Jens Gijbels

Founder | Fundamentals Academy

Eindhoven, Netherlands

After working in higher education for about 7 years, building programs together with design entrepreneurs and academics, I felt the need to accelerate these changes in education. So, I started my own company: Fundamentals Academy. I truly believe it's an honour if you are trusted with juniors' time for development. The people in my teams  … [see more]

"Life is sailing! You need to know your vessel and your environment in order to navigate effectively."

Kornelia Dimitrova

Architect | Reefformers

Eindhoven, Netherlands

My creative efforts materialize anywhere in between objects, buildings and scenarios. In my work, I try to reinvent, revise and re-imagine reality and its future. I enjoy working on the border between science and fiction, which I find creatively liberating. … [see more]

Niya Stoimenova

Transformation Conductor

Delft, Netherlands

I design organizational structures and capabilities that help companies create human-centered meaningful innovations. I've worked together with Philips, KLM and Barco. My education in mathematics makes me analytical and rational – qualities that are essential for finding smart solutions and designing systems that work. On the other hand, my background in design and philosophy is  … [see more]

Maite Oonk

Research coordinator / PhD candidate

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Building design capabilities within KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Researching the 'design effect' on employee happiness. … [see more]

"Floating Sustainable Concepts"

Peter van Wingerden

CEO | Beladon

Rotterdam, Netherlands

I believe we have to stop changing arable land into concrete because of the growing human population. We need land to produce oxygen and food. We design and develops floating concepts and constructions. Very sustainable to safeguard the spare land we have … [see more]

Ama Koranteng-Kumi

Founder/Director | Creating Edges

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I am an experienced independent strategic communications professional with a passion for inter-cultural dynamics, gender issues, and social entrepreneurship. Inquisitive and resourceful nature, pioneering and creative spirit. I love to be surrounded by positive people who dare to dream! My tri-cultural background (Ghana, Surinam, the Netherlands) provides me with a multidimensional perspective and an ingrained  … [see more]

"Do. Or do not. There is no try."

Hans Haringa

Innovation Nestor | Founder & Owner

Eext, Netherlands

Rara avis in terris nigroque simillima cycno. An encore career person, seeking personal satisfaction by means of 'giving back' all I learned during my 33+ years career with Royal Dutch Shell, to those who see possibilities before they become obvious. … [see more]

"Collaborate, Innovate, Change"

Joeri van Ommeren

architect | vanOmmeren-architecten

Haarlem, Netherlands

I enjoy being part of creative team, creating abitious projects. Small or big, public or private, expressive or subtle; I try to make a positive change for and with others. … [see more]

Christine De Lille

Assistant Professor | Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering - Delft University of Technology

The Hague, Netherlands

I absolutely love connecting people, organisations, topics and interests. I am at the crossection of education, research and practice linking students with professionals and academics. It is there where the magic happens! My research focuses on the intersection of design and business, how designers can support organisations in a dynamic transformation especially with a focus  … [see more]

"Publish what you do best and the rest will follow"

Eelco Kraefft

Entrepreneur, online media and marketing | Ehio Media

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I am co-owner of Ehio Media, an online media and content marketing agency based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. and co-owner of Spot On Learning. I have been producing media and content for business (marketing and learning) purposes for over 20 years. I prefer pull over push and focus on no-nonsense media and content. … [see more]

"form ego to eco, and world in which people matter"

peter van Luttervelt

social architect/transition enabler | Training, Advice & Organisation

varik, Netherlands

Always on the edge of future perfect thinking, sustainability, empowerment, systemic design, blue Economy, Global Action Plan's Ecoteam Program for sustainable and responsible lifestyles and workplaces … [see more]

"get connected, start today!"

Marieke Hermans

Great Connector | Captain Dragon

Hilversum, Netherlands

As Captain Dragon I connect people and ideas, ideas and people. I love to hunt down new ideas and solutions by crossing contexts and organising creative brainpower around commercial business cases. As an experienced innovation manager in the creative & media industry I develop digital innovation strategies and elaborate those into engaging change trajectories -  … [see more]

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

Suzan Massier

Project Manager | Rabobank

Dalfsen, Netherlands

I am a Project Manager at Rabobank. I believe in the power of regional development and systemic design. … [see more]

"Why not?"

Marcel Kampman

creative director | happykamping creative strategy | strategic creativity

Meppel, Netherlands

I work as a creative strategist, advising and inspiring companies, organizations, agencies and brave individuals. I help them with their mostly complex (creative) challenges and innovation, design and communication issues. To do that, I often tap into my extensive network to assemble or to be part of a team with the requisite variety and depth  … [see more]

Kitty Leering

Event Director / Curator | DutchBlend

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Since 2005 I am a freelance event director and curator for B2B events that focus on the intersection of creativity/arts, technology, science and innovation. I like to experiment with content, formats and experience to bring surprise and wonder to business gatherings. As a firm believer in the power of 'neue Combinationen' as accelerators for innovative  … [see more]


Jaap Van Till

Visiting Professor & Chief Scientist | Tildro Research

Rhenen, Netherlands

Retired Computer & Telecom Network Architect. Designed and help build Internet Infrastructures for European corporations and ministries. Management consultant about ICT. I specialize in designing disruptive technology network architecture and infrastructure for improving cooperation between people and collaboration across networks. I write about the emerging forces of social media driven by smart phones, tablets and  … [see more]

"Passionate about brands & innovation"

Patrick van Thiel

Brand consultant / Boardroom challenger | van Thiel & company

Rotterdam, Netherlands

My work is in the field of branding & innovation. I am strategic, creative and comprehensive within the boundaries of realism. A willful go-getter. Rather visual in my thinking. … [see more]

"Everybody on the same page"

Hans Boot

Visual Content Designer |

Haarlem, Netherlands

I began my career as a journalist, and worked my way through the printed media as graphic editor, photo editor to become an art-director for seven Dutch newspapers. I have spent 40+ years experience as a: visual journalist, art-director, story boarder, editorial visualizer, headliner, trade marker, typographer. I am a: Visual Consultant. Entrepreneur. Concepteur. Strategist.  … [see more]

"fill the blanks by leaving them open"

Tami Harmony Panik Vibberstoft


Utrecht, Netherlands

I'm Tami Harmony Panik Vibberstoft. Born in Denmark in 1989 by cesarean cut because I was lying face up. I grew up behind beech hedges with my mom, dad and little brother in an upper middle class suburb. In primary school I believed I was a writer of some sort. Later I figured I should  … [see more]

"esse quam videri"

Kim Veltman

Scientific Director | Virtual Maastricht McLuhan Institute

Maastricht, Netherlands

Trained as as an historian of science and culture, my scholarly work began with the history of perspective and Leonardo da Vinci. This led to study of computers, new media and culture. For the past decade I have focussed on the history of alphabets. … [see more]

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