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"Doing well, while doing good"

Jose Adrian Gabriel-Camacho

Creador de Redes | Workósfera

Puebla, Mexico

I was born in Africam Safari amongst lions and giraffes therefore I grew up with a love for nature and questioning our humanity's footprint and the impact we have to the environment. I've lived in Mexico for most of my life but I have spent many years abroad. Recently I lived in Australia where I  … [see more]

"I help manifest local solutions to global problems"

Eva Sander

Rainmaker/CEO |

Akumal/DF, Mexico

I was nicknamed Crowdsourceress for a reason. I'm all about getting people together, finding some common ground and making things happen. I've been weening myself off from traditional corporate consulting work and holding on to the drive I've got for creating a kinder, healthier and just more fascinating world for myself and for others. To  … [see more]

"A good idea is a very powerful thing"

Mario Menez


Monterrey, Mexico

I'm a Senior Industrial Designer specialized in lighting, furniture, Design Driven Innovation, Design Thinking, Design Management and Strategic Design for local and international markets. I work for customers in Scandinavia, Europe and Asia and have several products successfully selling in international markets. My products are sold in more than 40 countries and every year they  … [see more]

Gerardo Betancourt

TEDx Ambassador | TEDxMexicoCity

Mexico City - Querétaro, Mexico

I'm the licensee and curator of TEDxMexicoCity since 2010, and TEDx Ambassador for Mexico since 2015. I'm on the mission to contribute to a new generation of Mexicans. Kinder, smarter, more connected, more reflexive. I love to travel, to read and to have thoughtful and meaningful conversations. … [see more]

"Everybody has a dream. Make it happen."

Bárbara Arredondo

Founder and CEO | i AM HERE

Mexico City, Mexico

I have worked the past six years in different projects, from journalism, to massive events, to strategy and social impact. I believe in inspiration as a tool for social change. I believe meaningful content can create a new narrative and sustainable change across the globe. i AM HERE to be present and see the world  … [see more]

"Mexican Quality Since 1325"

Tony Moxham

Owner/Idiot Savant | DFC (Mexico)

Mexico City, Mexico

After 15yrs as Art Director at Andy Warhol's Interview magazine, I created DFC with my partner in Mexico City. DFC is a luxury artisanal design label whose branches also include fine art and interior design. We specialize in working with the highest level of local artisans to promote techniques that are often dying in obscurity.  … [see more]

"Filmmaker & Explorer"

Pablo Garcia Saldana

Filmmaker | GO

Cuernavaca, Mexico

My name is Pablo García Saldaña and I am a Mexican filmmaker. … [see more]

"Youth does not depend on the years you have; but rather on the illusions that one is able to have!!"

Regina Bueno Ros

Founder | R & Br Consulting // OrgBoat

Cordoba & Mexico City, Mexico

I see myself as an IDEAS CURATOR; through R & Br Consulting I guide youth through a solid, disciplined and consistent path to make their ideas a business reality, whether they fall into profitable or non profitable categories. Orienting and Motivating youth of today is what inspires me; hence I've created R & Br to  … [see more]

Marianna Mendivil

Executive Director | Mujeres del Pacífico México/ Dale Sentido

Puebla, Mexico

I have a background in Anthropology and an MBA focused in social entrepreneurship. I love to promote development in communities through economic empowerment and entrepreneurship. I have worked in communities in Africa and Mexico. In 2013 I went to Singularity University, a life changing experience. Since then I became part of Mujeres del Pacífico and  … [see more]

Daniel Granatta

Creative Misfit | Clowdertank/BAG

Mexico City, Mexico

I love technology. I love ideas (good and bad). I love to share things. I love problems. I love to learn things. I love solving problems. I love to teach things. I like doing things people find nice. Or useful. Or both, both is better. I don't like selling people things they don't need. … [see more]

"Digital- Beyond the Screen"

Gonzalo Alonso

CEO/Co-Founder | ClowderTank

Mexico, Mexico

With over 18 years of experience in IT and Media, I have a track record of launching world class products and managing high performance talented teams. I have a BA in Communications and am a "Microsoft Leadership Series" graduate. I am co author of "La Revolución Horizontal" (ISBN-10: 1597547522 / ISBN-13: 978-1597547529). I have worked  … [see more]

"Life Design"

Elias Cattan

Architect | Taller13

Mexico City, Mexico

Founder and Director of Taller13, professor at Universidad Iberoamericana in design and environmental theory, dedicated to understanding living systems as ecosystems and cities, designing at different scales; furniture, interiors, buildings and urban planning. With the vision of integrate the patterns of community life and the systems within which they develop, looking to get regenerative processes.  … [see more]


Ricardo Celaya

CEO & Cofounder | PIECE / ARTO

Mexico City, Mexico

Ricardo is CEO & co-founder of PIECE, a Mexican boutique consulting firm focused on Strategy, Innovation and Financing for Governments and Enterprises. In 2009, Ricardo also cofounded ARTO, an art, design & communication agency which aims to take ART TO THE PEOPLE. Today, ARTO has three developed business branches: ARTO Studio, a design and advertising  … [see more]

"Do the work."

Fulvia Morales

Social Innovation Specialist | Citigroup-Banamex

Monterrey, Mexico

I am an intra/entrepreneur, a Chemical Engineer, an avid reader, a loving aunt, a foodie, a passionate writer, a serial traveler, a perfectionist and a rising rockstar. I am committed to doing the (extra) work to change the world. I started my career as an analyst in Citi-Banamex's strategic planning team for Mexico and Latin  … [see more]

"Open to cues & sensitive to clues. Do the (extra) work."

Alfonso Tinoco

Co-Founder | GO

Puebla, Mexico

Creative artist turned industrial and systems engineer turned operations consultant turned global intra/entrepreneur turned culture hacker. Currently learning about the intersection between culture, cities & the #futureofwork. Co-founder at GO. StartingBloc fellow. Siemens alumni. Apasionado por Nuestra America. I have had the unique opportunity to meet, work with and learn from inspiring leaders building rising  … [see more]

"Imagination is not a luxury"

Gabriella Gomez Mont

Mexico City's Chief Creativity Officer | Laboratorio para la ciudad

Mexico City, Mexico

I have always been helplessly fascinated by the place where (so-called) fact and (so-called) fiction merge... by their volcanic and viscous borders, and by those moments when imagination helps mold reality. So it should come as no surprise that I decided from an early age that art and culture--in its myriad forms--would become my territory.  … [see more]

"Never give up doing things with passion"

Luis Arnal

President and Founder | INSITUM

mexico city, Mexico

I re-learned to walk when I was 15 years old, a time of reflection and planning. SInce then, I have always achieved what I believed success would be for me. I am a designer that thinks and does, and always thought the value of design skills lies in solving more complex problems apart from products,  … [see more]

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