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"In permanent reinvention, learning and flow."

Fabian Szulanski

Co-Founder | The Values Foundation

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I wear several hats. In prehistoric times I was an Engineer. Nowadays i'm considered and play several roles as an iconoclast, an innovator, a visionary, a professor, a facilitator, a mentor, a learning and decision coach, an entrepreneur and a consultant, not necessarily in that order. I enjoy my workplaylearn, and other of my mottos  … [see more]

"360 Business Expansion"

Néstor Sibaja

Business Developer Partner | Co-CreaBiz Consulting

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Expanding myself helping Senior Leaders co-creating with the Whole Business Eco-System, improving Societies Wellness and Human Evolution. Doing this for the last 20 years, integrating a triple Role Model of Consultant-Facilitator and Coach. Transforming myself, and helping Leaders to transform themselves, co-creating better living environments. … [see more]

"Tu comunidad es tu capacidad."

Rudi Borrmann

Open Government Director | Buenos Aires City Government

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I work for the City of Buenos Aires. I really never thought I was going to spend most of my time at the public sector but 7 years ago I started this gr8 adventure of helping a huge organization to engage citizens using the disruptive power of new technology. It began with the New Media  … [see more]

"First media Certified B Corp in LaTam"

Andrea Mendez Brandam

Journalist - CEO -Founder | Noticias Positivas

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Journalist, founder and CEO of : first media in LaTam focused in positive journalism. Member of First LATAM B Corporation Board Peace Ambassador Positive Thinker and compromised with DOING Mass media experience: newspaper, magazine, radio Documentary director … [see more]


Alejandra Padilla


Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am an independent artist. I studied journalism and art history. … [see more]

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