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"A World with 7 Billion Entrepreneurs"

Sho Hayashi

Ecosystem Builder | EdgeOf - Incubation Center at the heart of TOKYO.

Kobe, Japan

Our team is launching an 8-story incubation center named EdgeOf at the heart of Tokyo - 2min walk from the famous Shibuya crossing. Entrepreneurship has always been my passion. In 2010, I founded Bizjapan, a non-profit platform that supports university students in Japan to find their passion and launch their own project. Having received education  … [see more]

"Love alive, generative people, projects, places, platforms"

Todd Porter

Ecosystem Builder | EDGEof

Tokyo, Japan

Early work with pioneers at the forward edge ranging from Bill Drayton (godfather of social entrepreneurship & founder of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public), Michael Ray (creativity expert at Stanford Business School), and Chris Anderson (serial entrepreneur & TED Conference) in Asia for 8 years with global impact portfolio and global community of peer ecosystem  … [see more]

"Ideas excite me!"

Joan Margaret Anderson

Editor | SGI (Soka Gakkai International)

Tokyo, Japan

I have been in Japan for nearly 20 years, working for the SGI Buddhist association which has been an excellent place to encounter interesting people from around the world. The challenge of communicating what socially engaged, community based Buddhism is has kept me busy and as my language skills have improved, and my love of  … [see more]

"Ideas, Solutions, and Kindness"

Jay Klaphake

Professor | Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

Kyoto, Japan

TEDx Ambassador - Japan Founder & Curator of TEDxKyoto Speaker & Event Producer Professor: Negotiation & Presentation | International Law & Business Jazz Drummer … [see more]

"Why not?"

Javier Villar Ruiz

Partner | Kengo Kuma & Associates

Tokyo, Japan

Came to Japan about ten years ago looking for experiencing and understanding Asia's sensitivity towards architecture, design, culture, gastronomy and ways of doing things ... and for all those years I have been working in both Asian and Western countries and developing projects and finding creative collaborators from both sides of the world. … [see more]

Akiko Enomoto

New Business Development

Tokyo, Japan

New business development and design with IT. Now forcusing on bike. By installing sensors and by connecting to internet, bike can recognize each person and his/ her phisical condition and provide tailored electric power assist, route guide. … [see more]

Hiroko Chino

trans-culture agent

Kyoto, Japan

Born and raised in Kyoto. Agent, curator and coordinator of cultural projects. Aim to develop cultural and generational exchanges betwen Kyoto and the world. … [see more]

Duneghen Park

Art Director / Curator / Design Producer | Gallery Shili Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

Following my passion to discover values in Asian traditions for contemporary life settings, I effort to find new directions for Asian art and culture, enhancing both convenience and quality in modern life. My work includes curating design exhibitions and producing design products. … [see more]

Jun Yamadera

Chief Chaos Officer

Fukushima, Japan

I am the Founder and Chief Chaos Officer of Eyes, an IT startup in Japan. The company's vision. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" comes from Clarke's 3 laws. … [see more]

"Pass the parcel. That's sometimes all you can do. Take it, feel it and pass it on."

Fumio Kanda

Producer/Director | NHK World

Matsudo, Japan

TV Producer/Director and contributing writer for Japanese magazines - Born and brought up in suburbs of Tokyo. Previously lived in NYC, London and Shanghai for 17 years in total . At BBC History, I directed Japan's part of WW2 related documentary series with the acclaimed historian/documentary maker Laurence Rees, including "Horror in the East", "TIMEWATCH  … [see more]

"Nothing is impossible"

Edward Suzuki

Principal | Edward Suzuki Associates

Tokyo, Japan

I was born of German and Japanese parentage in 1947 in Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Having earned my Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Notre Dame and Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard University, I went on to work for Kenzo Tange in Tokyo. While at Harvard, I worked part  … [see more]

Eiji Han Shimizu

Filmmaker / Publisher / Lecturer

Yokohama, Japan

My works vary... in various industries... but all for the single purpose... which is to make a better world. I am a media producer and the creator of a highly acclaimed biography-like Manga series (graphic novel and comic book in the Japanese language), which has been published in 10 languages and in over 20 countries.  … [see more]

"Do some fun creative work"

Teruo Kurosaki

c.e.o | flowstone Creative Industries

Tokyo, Japan

I have been working in design and space and architecture. I founded a company called IDEE in Tokyo making furniture, and founded/organized Tokyo Designers Block for 10 years. I am CEO of flowstone industries, media surf co. ltd., cultural adviser to the United Nations University and founding director of Freedom University. I have introduced many  … [see more]

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