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Andrea Cammarata


Milan, Italy

I am an architect with a demonstrated history of working in the education and education management industry. I am skilled in most digital instruments for professional architectural design, urban planning, sustainable landscaping, design management, capacity building design and, primarily, BIM. I was adjunct professor at Politecnico di Milano for the last 19 years teaching a  … [see more]

"Advocating for young stroke survivors"

Roberto D'Angelo


Milano, Italy

At Microsoft since 1998, I'm now Director of Online Learning in Microsoft Italy while I'm leading the organization about helping young stroke survivors of the world to have a better life. Here are my wife and I giving a TED talk on Fighting the Stroke: … [see more]

"Learning while observing"

Francesca Fedeli

President and Cofounder | Fightthestroke & Mirrorable

Milano, Italy

When my son Mario was just 10 days old he was diagnosed as having had a perinatal stroke in the right side of his brain, which left him unable to move the left side of his body. My partner Robert D'Angelo and I founded to gather and share the experiences of families who have  … [see more]

"It's never too late to be what you might have been."

Elisabetta Fanti

Project manager / Communication manager | esterni

Milano, Italy

Since 2004 I have been collaborating with esterni on different projects with different roles and responsibilities, working mainly as general coordinator of Milano Film Festival and Head of Communication for all esterni projects. During my ten years work for esterni I developed a specific interest in issues related to public space, public design and architecture,  … [see more]

"SenseMaking for ChangeMaking"

Valentina Miosuro

Senior Visual SenseMaker | Humantific

Milan, Italy

I lead and participate in Visual SenseMaking projects at Humantific. Prior to joining Humantific I was an Information Architect in Siegel+Gale’s Simplification Group. I hold a BFA in Visual Communication Design from University of Indiana’s Herron School of Art + Design, and a Master's Degree in Graphic Design North Carolina State University, College of Design.  … [see more]

Nicol Vizioli

artist / photographer

London, Italy

I began as a painter and gradually my fascination of still images developed in the form of a strong passion for photography. The insight of my work draws upon many different places, such as the natural and animal world, mythology, literature and finally painting: photography is therefore regarded as the convergence point, where all of  … [see more]

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