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Prajna Cauvery

Program Coordinator | Anaadi Foundation

Coimbatore, India

I am a program coordinator at Anaadi Foundation, a social Non-Profit organization in India. I am the Co-Lead of the Anaadi Sustainability Awareness for the Young (ASAY), a voluntary UN initiated SDG Partners Program. Being an Electrical and Electronics Engineering Graduate from Amrita University, I am naturally inclined to Sustainability Education. I have over two  … [see more]

"Dolaborate and solve problems together!"

Moritz Gekeler

Collaboration Experience Officer | Dolaborate

New Delhi, India

In 2015 I founded DOLABORATE GmbH as a consultancy for creative collaboration and participatory design. Together with friends and partners around the world I help companies, teams and individuals to solve problems together. What fascinates me most about my work: The diversity of the projects and the different people I can work with every day.  … [see more]

"Democratizing healthcare access"

Ram Sahasranam

Co-Founder & President | Praxify Technologies Inc

Bangalore, India

In my brief career, I have been an investment banker, serial entrepreneur, idea evangelist and race car enthusiast. In my current avatar, I am a digital health entrepreneur with a vision to democratize healthcare access globally. I co-founded Praxify Technologies, to catalyze the post electronic health record era by enabling value added mobile plugins that  … [see more]

"Make a differenece. Have fun."

Srinivasa Rao Aluri

Managing Director | Morgan Stanley Private Equity Asia

Hyderabad, India

I am a private equity investor for past 15 years. I have helped build valuable businesses in India. Been a Strategist, Mentor, Coach, and a Friend to a lot of entrepreneurs and CEOs in their quest to excel. Prior to this I held various senior positions in a number of leading Indian pharmaceutical companies, including  … [see more]

"Be wise enough not to be reckless, but brave enough to take great risks. ~ Frank Warren"

Suraj Shetty

AVP - Products and Solutions | Cheers Interactive (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Mumbai, India

In my role as AVP at Cheers Interactive (I) Pvt. Ltd., a specialized research, analytics and sales & marketing solutions company, I am responsible for building Products and Software Solutions in the Innovation Portfolio. … [see more]


Gautham Pai

Managing Director | Manipal Group

Manipal, India

I run a diverse set of business from payments to consumer fragrances. I enjoy creating new businesses and seeing ideas turn into reality. Work with and invest in emerging companies. Love music , travelling , meeting new people and thinking about possibilities for the future . … [see more]

"Become one with God"

Bala Deshpande

Senior Managing Director | NEA India

Mumbai, India

I am a Venture Capitalist and love working with young emerging companies especially on strategy. I am a Jane of all trades and master of......?? I love music, traveling , exploring new concepts, envisioning possible futures for mankind. I am passionate about inclusion and hope to contribute significantly in improving the lives of the less  … [see more]

"Explore, Dream, Discover, Create."

Fiona Caulfield

Luxury Vagabond Travel Writer & Corporate Futurist

Bangalore, India

I run an artisanal publishing business based in India creating handbooks for luxury vagbonds. The brand is Love Travel Guides and they celebrate authentic experiences and conscious travel plus contribute back to the community. They are now regarded as the standard bearers for India guides. I also offer concierge and travel planning services and contribute  … [see more]

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