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"Be grateful"

jamil GS

Photographer - Director - manager for ALO WALA | Jamil GS Studio/Nectar TV agency

Copenhagen, Denmark

I am a by-product of Be-Bop, in cultural terms, being that my father, Sahib Shihab was one of the founding members of Bebop Jazz from New York. Professionally I am a Photographer and Director and also consults creatively. I live and work between Copenhagen, New York and London and I have a weak spot for  … [see more]

"Do things that make your heart grow"

Masako Fukui


Sydney, Australia

Japanese Australian, born in India. I'm a bilingual writer, radio documentary producer, journalist and storyteller. Was previously a sex educator in schools and a community health worker. As a media professional I've worked for high profile institutions including the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), BBC, NPR, The New York Times, The Asahi Shimbun, Nikkei (Nihon Keizai  … [see more]

Alex Zaia


Sydney, Australia

I own a start-up creative agency called Felix Creatures. Before that, I was operating under my name helping businesses and individuals with the digital side to their businesses, which i still do under the Felix Creatures umbrella. But i really do more than that. I mainly work as a web developer. I've built a simple  … [see more]

""Long live the high tide and long live the low, but above all, long live the difference.""

Mandy Nguyen

The GO Project

San Jose, United States

In the beginning of 2014, I collided with 9 people that profoundly transformed the way I lived and thought. I joined The GO Project, an eclectic group of 9 individuals who had decided to take learning into their own hands, dedicating an entire year to travel to international innovation hubs and immerse themselves in culture,  … [see more]

"“A stage space has two rules: 1 - Anything can happen and 2 - Something must happen.”"

Nicholas Pickard

Director of Communications & Government Relations | Copyright Agency

Sydney, Australia

Nicholas is a communications specialist with an in-depth knowledge of media relations, public affairs, strategy and messaging development, reputation management, social media and marketing. Nicholas has managed the profile and reputation of organisations and public figures across government, transport and infrastructure, creative industries and the media. His experience includes orchestrating the narrative and communications plans  … [see more]

"growing demand for design"

Mark Bergin


Blairgowrie, Australia

I'm DRIVENxDESIGN - founded the DESIGN SUMMIT TOUR and [city] design awards - NYC - SFO - CHI - LON - BRL - HKG - MEL - SYD DRIVENxDESING celebrates courage through 11 design awards programs. All programs are marketplace centric and offer an opportunity to recognise those that are defining tomorrow. When I'm not  … [see more]

Gavin Dixon

Commercialisation Manager | University of Wollongong

Wollongong, Australia

I help translate university research into use with a track record of products/services across disciplines of medicine, physical science, engineering and social science. I have a background in the medical sciences (neurobiology) and have been an AU patent and trademarks attorney since 2006. I mentor students and others in aspects of business development. I ran  … [see more]

Laura Gomez


Barcelona, Spain

Founder, Publisher & Curator of KLASSIK MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL Previously VIP Relations Manager and Communications Manager at Markowicz Art Fine Gallery, Miami, Fl … [see more]

Jonathan Bielski

Artistic Director | Auckland Arts Festival

Auckland, New Zealand

Previously Director, Programming at Sydney Opera House, latterly at Auckland Theatre Company working on new ASB Waterfront Theatre. … [see more]


Daniel M. Pallotta

Founder & President | Charity Defense Council

Topsfield, MA, United States

I'm gay, married to my husband Jimmy for 16 years. We have three beautiful children - triplets actually - who are eight years old. I'm committed to personal transformation in the world. I created the AIDSRides and Breast Cancer 3-Days - we took 182,000 people on the civic heroic adventure of their lives, and raised  … [see more]

Chantal Abouchar

CEO | The Studio

Sydney, Australia

The Studio is a community, platform and HUB (yet to launch) for media-tech and creative-tech startups. Its underlying purpose is to strengthen and develop the Australian media, entertainment, games and creative industries by fostering and supporting tech startups and facilitating engagement and opportunities for these startups across other industries. The Studio is a not-for-profit organisation.  … [see more]

"Great Dreams Deserve to be Pursued."

Mark van Rijmenam

Founder / PdD Candidate / Speaker | Datafloq

Sydney, Australia

I am the Founder of Datafloq. Datafloq is the One-Stop Source for Big Data, creating the Big Data ecosystem by connecting all stakeholders within the global Big Data market. I am an entrepreneur, a public speaker and a Big Data strategist. I am author of the book Think Bigger - Developing a Successful Big Data  … [see more]

"I am a philosopher in action. Internationally, I am fun, funny, making the world a better place."

John Launius

Executive Director | Vidzu Media

St. Louis, United States

As Executive Director of Vidzu Media, part of the Nitrous Effect collaboration, I have the pleasure of leading an incredible collective of innovators who deliver groundbreaking creative solutions for our international roster of clients. Whether you represent a start-up or a multinational corporation, I will expand your initiatives with complete integrity in the most successful  … [see more]

"Clarity in Chaos"

Ben Hamley

Strategy Designer | Business Models Inc

Brisbane, Australia

I am fascinated by creativity, complexity and the logic of natural systems. I wholeheartedly believe that the challenges we will face in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world can only be dealt with by emergent. adaptive solutions, and that the study of relationships will increasingly become a higher priority than pure expertise in  … [see more]

"ideas by day and by night"

Michael Otto Poschmann

Dipl. Betriebswirt | ARTRANSFER

Berlin, Germany

ideas and intuition for arts and business, organizing small and big projects in this field of activity, coherent thinking... … [see more]

"Helping others be their best"

Isabel Draves

Founder and President | Creative Tech Week and Leaders in Software and Art (LISA)

New York, United States

I'm an entrepreneur who brings people together to share their engaging and important work where technology meets art, design and culture. I started the first social media website for teenage girls, then moved further into Internet entrepreneurship, then moved laterally into joining people up in real life. Creative Tech Week - first week of May  … [see more]

"Creativity for the Common Good"

Eric Verkerke

Co-Founder | Emergence Creative

New York, United States

I bring an eclectic mix of entrepreneurial and scientific insight to the evolving creative strategies needed to engage a modern global audience. I led innovative strategy and accounts for Coca-Cola and other major clients while at McCann Global Health. I helped found and build a startup medical device company focused on bringing affordable technology to  … [see more]

"If it's got strings or skins I'll play it. If it's got keys I'll type on it."

Adam Dennis

Web Guy | Consonant & General Thinking

Yea, Australia

Known to some as 'Pollyanna' for my optimistic timeframe estimates, I nevertheless do actually turn in some interesting work from time to time. Intrigued by the nexus between artistic creativity - e.g. songwriting - and productive creativity - e.g. coding. Constantly amazed by all that the human mind can achieve ... and, on occasion, depressed  … [see more]

"System change is not hard to do, just hard to see."

James Greyson

System change designer | BlindSpot Think Tank

Lewes, Great Britain

Head of BlindSpot Think Tank. #Circulareconomy #4Real via #circulareconomics. NATO-published #globalsecurity policy options, which I call #planetlevers. On twitter I'm @blindspotting. I'm also MIT @ClimateCoLab & @Climate_Rescue … [see more]

"good to great doesn't happen from 9-5"

Marc Law

ACD Art | The Cementbloc NYC

New York, United States

Heathcare art director and ideas person that believes creative thinking in the health and wellness space can transform lives and business. Joining the Cement bloc in NYC early this year, I come from beautiful Sydney, Australia where I have worked with some of the best people at agencies such as Saatchi, Ogilvy, Publicis, and DDB.  … [see more]

"Fear runs wild in the veins of the world"

Tim Snape

Digital Marketing Specialist | Sydney Opera House

Sydney, Australia

I am an arts and entertainment marketing specialist with a passion for all facets of the marketing function. I have extensive experience in both integrated and channel specific campaign management and strategy. I have a strong focus on process, platform and cultural optimisation and accountability, and I recognise the delicate balance between art and science  … [see more]

Aleks Krotoski

Director | Pillowfort Productions

Los Angeles, United States

I am one of the leading national broadcasters of my generation, with many awards under my belt, from an Emmy to a BAFTA to a Royal Society and a Radio Academy award. I'm constantly on the move. Today I call LA home, but my heart belongs on the road. Full bio at … [see more]

Andy Ross

Composer / Record Producer / Mentor

Bronte, Sydney, Australia

I've worked in the music industry for many years as an artist in bands also working as a session guitarist on the London session scene and composing for music publishers. Later moving to record producing and mentoring young artists. Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with legends such as David Gilmour and  … [see more]

"never stop breathing"

Peter Cramer

Director | The MilkBar

Sydney, Australia

I have worked in TV and video for most of my career. I love film, documentary, walking and art. I am Creative Director of The MilkBar, a Sydney based boutique video agency that produces promos, reels, trailers, TVCs, short films and branded content for the media, arts and entertainment industry. I produce videos that inspire,  … [see more]

"Never stop learning, Never stop building, Never stop caring."

Giles Butler

Founder | Mixvisor

London, Great Britain

Hey Guys & Girls, I'm a forward thinking tech nomad, rebellious and playful, I love to create and dream big. I've worked in tech since 2008, first as a designer then as a developer and started my first startup in 2014. I love meeting new people and talking about how we can solve interesting and  … [see more]

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