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"Bring Chaos to your Order!"

Laurie Rosenwald

designer, painter, mistakes on purpose workshop holder |

nyc, United States

I am a painter, author, and principal of rosenworld, a design, illustration and animation studio. Actually there is no studio; I usually work alone, and rosenworld doesn’t exist. In spite of this, was launched in 1995. I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, and have taught at Pratt Institute, Parsons School of Design,  … [see more]

"We are ships at sea, not ducks on a pond: Navigate the unknown."

Graeme Harrison

Looking for next step..... | The house of Harrison

Portland, OR, United States

The work stuff is that until recently I looked after the Sales, Marketing and Product Management departments of Biamp Systems, a leading global manufacturer of professional AV equipment for fixed installation. I've been working in this industry for several decades and my main role was planning strategy for our company and looking at long-term trends.  … [see more]

"There is no try, only do"

Eileen Gittins

Founder and CEO | Blurb

San Francisco, United States

Back in the day, I was CEO of two start-ups in San Francisco, Personify and then Verb. But then 2001 hit and the crash happened and there was no proverbial room at any of the VC inns. So I started photographing again (I have a degree in Art/Photography) and in a former life worked for  … [see more]

"Trust me, this will take time but there is order here, very faint, very human."

Patrick Pittman

Editor | The Alpine Review

Toronto, Canada

I am a magazine obsessive caught in the space between print obsession and digital addiction. I’ve spent my career poking, prodding, pushing and telling stories across platforms, as a reporter, as a collaborator and as a maker of so many of the damned things. As well as freelancing here and there, I’m currently the co-editor  … [see more]

"Ideas worth spreading"

Cyndi Stivers

Director, TED Residency/Special events curator | TED Conferences

New York, United States

I'm encourager-in-chief of the TED Residency, an idea incubator at TED headquarters in New York. I started out in hot-type newspapers and have since shepherded media startups and reinvigorated venerable brands on nearly every platform, including magazines, television, radio and online, right back to the early days of the consumer internet.?? From 1995 to 2005,  … [see more]

Belle Blau

Artist & Publication Designer

Sydney, Australia

Artist and designer from Sydney, Australia. … [see more]

Michael Josefowicz

Retired | none

Brooklyn, United States

In 1972 I co-founded and managed Red Ink Productions in NYC. Clients included galleries, museums, and leading edge designers. RI was a project management service for print centric product. In 1999 I co-founded Printed paperback books in classroom editions of 30 for student writing. Had 2500 users spread in every state in the USA.  … [see more]

"Traditional and normal can go elsewhere"

Elizabeth Ramsey

Founder | Blank Space

Oslo, Norway

Gallery, Workshops, Studios, Community - Visual Communication in Oslo. I was born in Toledo OH (1988). lived in San Francisco for 7 years, and then moved to Norway in 2012. Educated at the Academy of Art University, I have 2 Bachelor's Degrees in Fine Art, one with a focus in traditional illustration and one in  … [see more]

"Do what you love."

Chloe Ferres

Photographer, Graphic Designer, Creative Thinker, Conceptual Artist, Lecturer

Sydney, Australia

I am a creative. I am a collector of maps, postcards, stamps, scissors, rocks, cameras, rulers, glass jars, and much more. I am a traveller, seeking to set foot on every continent. I am a bibliophile, and my home is overflowing with books. I love to learn. I have undergraduate degrees in both Photography and  … [see more]

Gavin Dixon

Commercialisation Manager | University of Wollongong

Wollongong, Australia

I help translate university research into use with a track record of products/services across disciplines of medicine, physical science, engineering and social science. I have a background in the medical sciences (neurobiology) and have been an AU patent and trademarks attorney since 2006. I mentor students and others in aspects of business development. I ran  … [see more]

Laura Gomez


Barcelona, Spain

Founder, Publisher & Curator of KLASSIK MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL Previously VIP Relations Manager and Communications Manager at Markowicz Art Fine Gallery, Miami, Fl … [see more]

"There are no beaten paths for unconventional ideas. And no shortcuts."

Jessica Covi

Industrial + Experience Design | Grete Kraft Atelier

Sydney, Australia

I am an Austrian-born industrial designer who specializes in experiential and holistic product design. After my masters studies at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna and some time working in Zurich, I moved to New York City and after working as an industrial designer for frog Design, teaching classes and workshops at SVA, NYU and  … [see more]

Javier Alvarez


Santiago, Chile

I am a documentary photographer whose focus is on social issues regarding identity and resistance in different cities around Latin America. I completed my study in Professional Photography at ARCOS (Arts and Communication school), where I proceeded to begin my career as an assistant for a fashion and advertising photography studio in Santiago. I am  … [see more]

"Timing is everything"

Aristides Grigoriou

Changemanager Business & ICT, M&A

Sydney, Australia

I have a background in ICT and a love for logistics, food industry and graphical media. I do my work, with always a strong focus for what changes will bring to and for People, in what Processes with what Systems, given the Culture they are in. In my work as change manager I combine genuine  … [see more]

"entertain/ educate/ illuminate"

Teri Orr

curator/alchemist/ex director | park city institute

Park City, Utah, United States

I curate and present performing arts and more, in multiple venues, in this old mining town turned four season world class resort. I love introducing new ideas to my small town that is connected internationally. I am a former editor of the local newspaper here and still write a weekly column (sometimes weakly) as I  … [see more]

"Local content for a global lifestyle"

Michelle Matthews

Publisher | Luckie

Melbourne, Australia

Tying together the themes of minimalism, digital nomadism, collaborative consumption to build my content creation business. In a previous life, I spent a lot of time stopped-over in strange cities wondering where the real attractions were. I figured that, like me, plenty of people just wanted to skip to the good stuff – cool bars,  … [see more]

Claire Rosen

Artist/Fine Art Photographer

Montclair, NJ, United States

I am an artist, that constructs elaborate whimsical scenes reminiscent of classical paintings, and which evoke the aesthetics of Pre-Raphaelite, Romantic and Gothic periods of art. I am very interested in exploring the use of universal archetypes found in dreams, fairy tales and mythology to visually symbolize the many facets of the human condition. My  … [see more]

"Helping others be their best"

Isabel Draves

Founder and President | Creative Tech Week and Leaders in Software and Art (LISA)

New York, United States

I'm an entrepreneur who brings people together to share their engaging and important work where technology meets art, design and culture. I started the first social media website for teenage girls, then moved further into Internet entrepreneurship, then moved laterally into joining people up in real life. Creative Tech Week - first week of May  … [see more]

"Problem Solver I Creative Director I Branding I Book Design I Corporate I Music Packaging I"

Roger Gorman

Creative Director | Reiner Design Consultants, Inc

Albany, United States

Reiner Design Consultants is a small design studio whose focus is clear communication and innovative design. From conception to completion we work with you, the client, to turn your vision into a well-crafted reality. Whether it’s branding, advertising campaign, book, CD or website, our design constantly evolves and we make sure you evolve with it.  … [see more]

"I ill iterate."

Anne Ishii

Writer/Editor | MASSIVE GOODS

New York, United States

I write about Japan, gender, comics. I edit gay erotica and own a brand called MASSIVE GOODS which specializes in the curation, translation and merchandising of queer and feminist art from Japan. I am also a closet comic and novelist. … [see more]

"good to great doesn't happen from 9-5"

Marc Law

ACD Art | The Cementbloc NYC

New York, United States

Heathcare art director and ideas person that believes creative thinking in the health and wellness space can transform lives and business. Joining the Cement bloc in NYC early this year, I come from beautiful Sydney, Australia where I have worked with some of the best people at agencies such as Saatchi, Ogilvy, Publicis, and DDB.  … [see more]

"red shoes"

Keith Godard

visual designer | studioworks

Brooklyn, United States

I am the principal of StudioWorks, a design studio based in brookyln. I started as a typographer and graphic artist. encouraged my my father at an early age to draw, I've spent forty years questioning the boundaries of graphic design through commissions, publishing and exhibit installations by introducing unindigenous methods and media to audiences to  … [see more]

"Mexican Quality Since 1325"

Tony Moxham

Owner/Idiot Savant | DFC (Mexico)

Mexico City, Mexico

After 15yrs as Art Director at Andy Warhol's Interview magazine, I created DFC with my partner in Mexico City. DFC is a luxury artisanal design label whose branches also include fine art and interior design. We specialize in working with the highest level of local artisans to promote techniques that are often dying in obscurity.  … [see more]

"Using design to make life better for everyone"

Kimberley Crofts

Senior Designer | Meld Studios

Sydney, Australia

I'm a designer currently living in Bondi in Sydney. I currently work as a senior service designer for Meld Studios: a boutique consultancy working for some of Australia's largest organisations. I'm presently exploring systems thinking, placemaking, and the role of a design approach in changing society for the better. My background is in communication, information,  … [see more]

"Diversity Rules, Listen & Do"

Kevin Bathman

Social Entreprise/Arts/Communications/Social Change

Sydney, Australia

Born in Kuala Lumpur, I am a designer, storyteller, writer and social change advocate based in Sydney. I am interested in using creativity to address environmental, cultural and social justice issues, and believe that the arts is an untapped avenue for catalysing change. As the founder of social enterprise, Coalition of Mischief, I have worked  … [see more]

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