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Anna Blume

Social Capital Strategist, Facilitator | Impact Journey

Berlin, Germany

Based in Berlin, Germany and serving clients worldwide. Anna Blume is a Behavior Trainer, Business Developer, Communication Designer and Social Capital Strategist. Co-Foudner of the Impact Journery and works around the World to support communities. Impact Journey is an outgrowth of Living Bridges Planet, a global facilitator network inspired by strength-based and social capital approaches  … [see more]

"Live life, take flights."

Antonio Dixon

Director | SunPowerd Innovations

New York/Accra, Ghana, United States

I love to travel and connect people and companies. I just finished a two year trip around the world. Having lived in Jamaica, NY, London, Germany, Hong Kong, and Rio de Janeiro I love being around people from different parts of the world. I consult and represent companies on expanding Internationally, and Import/Export company. I'm  … [see more]

"Innovate with your finances"

Sophie Grimbert Tweed


Toulouse, France

Curious & eager to learn families stories, choices and objectives. … [see more]

"Improving cardiac care, beat by beat."

Rob Phillips

CEO/Medical Research/Ass Prof | Uscom Limited/UQ

Sydney, Australia

Innovative communicator and educator with a mission to develop non-invasive and accurate medical devices to replace invasive and inaccurate medical technologies. I am the founder of Uscom Limited and inventor of the USCOM 1A, a revolutionary medical technology for cardiovascular monitoring which is changing global cardiovascular practice and improving health care. … [see more]

Gavin Dixon

Commercialisation Manager | University of Wollongong

Wollongong, Australia

I help translate university research into use with a track record of products/services across disciplines of medicine, physical science, engineering and social science. I have a background in the medical sciences (neurobiology) and have been an AU patent and trademarks attorney since 2006. I mentor students and others in aspects of business development. I ran  … [see more]

Laura Gomez


Barcelona, Spain

Founder, Publisher & Curator of KLASSIK MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL Previously VIP Relations Manager and Communications Manager at Markowicz Art Fine Gallery, Miami, Fl … [see more]

Danny Corcoran

Creative Strategist + Digital Planner

Sydney, Australia

I'm a creative communication and strategic experience specialist whose professional work has crossed over a very diverse range of industries and communication areas. I studied digital media and interaction design at SCA and Malmo University and have worked as a digital specialist in the events industry for 12 years with world leading Technology, Automotive and  … [see more]

"To Truly Live. To Give Generously. To Smile With Joy."

Cassandra Kelly

Chairperson | Pottinger

New York, United States

I am a consultant strategist, thinker and tactician with a track record as both a corporate leader and an entrepreneur. I co-founded the multiple award winning company Pottinger to help companies around the world to make short term decisions that stand the test of time; and to give influential leaders the confidence to step into  … [see more]

"investing in the present through paying attention and growing collective interest"

Tammy Meyer

Advocate | the Commons

Vancouver, Canada

I am deeply concerned about the state of the world, and am inspired to connect and share with others who are working towards the 'common good'. Through generative, authentic and thoughtful conversations 'for the record', I am motivated to better understand the conditions that give rise to our challenges, and create spaces for people to  … [see more]

Elise Payzan-LeNestour

Researcher | University of New South Wales Australia Business School

Sydney, Australia

I study how individuals apprehend financial risks, by investigating both actual behavior and its neural bases. I use the knowledge and methodological tools of several fields – chiefly experimental economics, financial economics, and computational neuroscience – to better understand why market participants behave the way they do. I do research and teaching in this area.  … [see more]

"Learning while observing"

Francesca Fedeli

President and Cofounder | Fightthestroke & Mirrorable

Milano, Italy

When my son Mario was just 10 days old he was diagnosed as having had a perinatal stroke in the right side of his brain, which left him unable to move the left side of his body. My partner Robert D'Angelo and I founded to gather and share the experiences of families who have  … [see more]

"Life’s too short not to enjoy"

Hans Zoellner

Academic | The University of Sydney

Sydney, Australia

I am probably best described as a laboratory scientist and academic, although having initially trained as a dentist, I work in a dental faculty and have had a leading role advocating for improved dental services. My research has been mostly in ‘experimental pathology’, investigating cellular mechanisms in inflammation, wound healing and cancer, but I have  … [see more]

Kate Adams

Entrepreneur and Veterinarian | Bondi Veterinary Hospital and Palladion Partners

Sydney, Australia

I am a entrepreneur and strategist with an interest in innovation, science and tech emerging companies, business development and digital growth marketing. I have a curiosity for life and learning and have a breadth of experience and skills across industries. While growing my own startup, I also assist other fast growing and emerging Australian science  … [see more]

"Make the world's health better"

Mike Bainbridge

Doctor | ASE Health

Sydney, Australia

I'm a career informatician. Since 1982, I have devoted my career to the inclusion of better information into health at the point of care. I've written software, designed hardware and contributed to two national and one international standardisation programmes to deliver change at population scale. I've had some fun and a number of heart-aches along  … [see more]

"Taking surgery beyond the limits of the human hand"

Catherine Mohr

VP Strategy | Intuitive Surgical

Mountain View, CA, United States

I am passionate about closing the gap between what clinicians want to be able to do for patients, and what we can do. Whether this is improving the outcomes for surgery, making it both more effective and less invasive, or bringing medical technologies into emerging markets. All of these things help improve the human condition.  … [see more]

"Making a difference"

Udayan Goyal

Managing Partner | Apis Partners

London, Great Britain

I am passionate about financial inclusion and bringing the unbanked into the formal financial economy. I am the Co-Founder and Co-Managing Partner of Apis Partners, a private equity manager focused on Financial Services in Growth Markets based in London. I was the co-founder and managing partner of Anthemis Group SA, and currently serve on its  … [see more]

Jasmine Broomfield

Event Manager and Stylist

Melbourne, Australia

I'm Jasmine. I am a 20-something married eurasian woman and mother to a rescue dog/fur child. I think and live colourfully, and take big, bold, spontaneous chances. I'm a General Thinker due to being nominated by the College of Event Management. I believe in growth, beauty, and in humankind - these things not being entirely  … [see more]

"We bring the arts and health together to change worlds."

Maggie Haertsch

CEO | Arts Health Institute

Newcastle, Australia

In 2011 I co-founded the Arts Health Institute that does stunningly beautiful work injecting humanity into health and aged care environments. We grew from an idea to a substantial employer of artists nationally and we build on the strength of good research, scalable arts interventions that make a positive difference to the health outcomes and  … [see more]

"Creativity for the Common Good"

Eric Verkerke

Co-Founder | Emergence Creative

New York, United States

I bring an eclectic mix of entrepreneurial and scientific insight to the evolving creative strategies needed to engage a modern global audience. I led innovative strategy and accounts for Coca-Cola and other major clients while at McCann Global Health. I helped found and build a startup medical device company focused on bringing affordable technology to  … [see more]

"One Life. Persist to Improve Many."

Jordan Nguyen

Biomedical Engineer / Futurist Presenter

Sydney, Australia

In 2012, I completed a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), for which I developed a mind-controlled smart wheelchair, for high-level physical disability, that utilises cameras to perceive its environment, and provides the operator with safe autonomous navigation. I'm now working on a range of projects including the next smart  … [see more]

"Connect Inspire Transform"

Saul Kaplan

Founder and Chief Catalyst | Business Innovation Factory (BIF)

Providence, United States

My name is Saul Kaplan. I am an innovation junkie! I believe there is always a better way and that reinvention is the most important life skill. I founded the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) to help leaders design, prototype and test transformational business models and social systems in the real world. … [see more]

"A life less ordinary"

Edward Zaydelman

Co-founder | Puerta a la Vida

Miramar, Costa Rica

Creating a platform for abundant living in Costa Rica - a place for dreamers, thinkers, artists and entrepreneurs to call home. A place for unique transformative events and experiences, community, and healing. We also like to just hang out, farm, and have nice dinner parties. A little about me: I used to organize large events  … [see more]

"Love life, live large, give back and learn to meditate"

Bem Le Hunte

Associate Professor, Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation | University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Sydney, Australia

I am the Course Director of the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at UTS. I have worked for over three decades as a creative director, brand consultant and copywriter, both in the UK, Australia and India, on over 500 brands across a wide range of industries and across a broad range of media. I  … [see more]

Hamish Magoffin

Founder | HRM Global Investments

London, Great Britain

I founded my investment and consulting platform, HRM Global Investments, helping start-ups to get up and running and investing in portfolios of companies. More recently I have turned my attention to emerging technology companies, including quantum computing and nuclear fission. And prior to setting up my own firm I was on the trading floor at  … [see more]

"Let's get stuff done"

Jonathan Rios

Fellow | Global Opportunity

Sonzacate, El Salvador

I'm obsessed with using resources and answers that are already available in order to create impact and innovation where it's needed the most. In recent years I have used this idea to introduce social entrepreneurship and start a literacy program in rural communities of El Salvador, a technological literacy program in Kentucky, and also to  … [see more]

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