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"Innovate with your finances"

Sophie Grimbert Tweed


Toulouse, France

Curious & eager to learn families stories, choices and objectives. … [see more]

"“A stage space has two rules: 1 - Anything can happen and 2 - Something must happen.”"

Nicholas Pickard

Director of Communications & Government Relations | Copyright Agency

Sydney, Australia

Nicholas is a communications specialist with an in-depth knowledge of media relations, public affairs, strategy and messaging development, reputation management, social media and marketing. Nicholas has managed the profile and reputation of organisations and public figures across government, transport and infrastructure, creative industries and the media. His experience includes orchestrating the narrative and communications plans  … [see more]

"PR on Purpose"

Karen Morris

Creative Director | Underground Communications

Sydney, Australia

I run a boutique Public Relations agency in Sydney. Our focus is on helping conscious businesses share their purpose and story with the wider community, with an emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility. I have a goal to change corporate culture to ensure that organisations work with a more ethical approach to their impact on all  … [see more]

Gavin Dixon

Commercialisation Manager | University of Wollongong

Wollongong, Australia

I help translate university research into use with a track record of products/services across disciplines of medicine, physical science, engineering and social science. I have a background in the medical sciences (neurobiology) and have been an AU patent and trademarks attorney since 2006. I mentor students and others in aspects of business development. I ran  … [see more]

"Fear is your only limitation"

Chris Gabriel

Chairman | Alive Mobile Group

Sydney, Australia

I have delivered consistent double digit growth in telecommunications & technology companies across five continents. I derive success from an inclusive leadership style, cross-cultural sensitivity, intuition for customer motivation, and a sense of humour that keeps everything in perspective. I am currently an angel investor, mentor, senior advisor to Macquarie Group & chairman of Alive  … [see more]

"investing in the present through paying attention and growing collective interest"

Tammy Meyer

Advocate | the Commons

Vancouver, Canada

I am deeply concerned about the state of the world, and am inspired to connect and share with others who are working towards the 'common good'. Through generative, authentic and thoughtful conversations 'for the record', I am motivated to better understand the conditions that give rise to our challenges, and create spaces for people to  … [see more]

Jose Fernandez-Calvo

Owner | Grovear LLC

Miami, United States

Worked in Maritime Transport for over 20 years, now managing my own real estate investments in Miami. … [see more]

"helping others navigate hollywood since 1984"

Kenneth Hertz

Partner | Hertz Lichtenstein & Young LLP

Los Angeles, United States

I am a Senior Partner in the Los Angeles law firm of Hertz Lichtenstein & Young LLP. My partners and I specialize in representing talent and new media companies in the sports and entertainment industries. The firm's clients include Will and Jada Smith, No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, Idris Elba, The Black Eyed Peas,, Sir  … [see more]

"Know better; Do better."

Kate van Doore


Brisbane, Australia

I am a lawyer and academic working in the field of international children's rights and human trafficking. I am also the co-founder of the international NGO, Forget Me Not, working in Nepal, Uganda and India to keep children safe from child trafficking and family displacement. My research into whether the displacement of children from their  … [see more]

"experience (y)our humanity"

Murali Maheswaran

Social Evolutionary & Entrepreneur | thestilldynamic

Melbourne, Australia

I have always dreamed of a safe, free world, one where each person is invited to accept their unique arising and share its beauty. Growing up in Africa, in the shadow of apartheid and the Cold War, to emigrant parents - this was important to me at a profound level. In many ways this makes  … [see more]

"Your Advocacy, Policy and Linguistic Experts"

Danielle Turkov

Founder/Consultant | Active International Consulting

Brussels, Belgium

I believe that creativity, empathy and a debating culture can move us as people forward and encourage a 'democracy' that fulfills society's needs. I founded a consultancy in the hub of the European Union providing expertise in political global advocacy. I work on a variety of cultural integration, regional cooperation and fundamental rights projects. My  … [see more]

"I am a philosopher in action. Internationally, I am fun, funny, making the world a better place."

John Launius

Executive Director | Vidzu Media

St. Louis, United States

As Executive Director of Vidzu Media, part of the Nitrous Effect collaboration, I have the pleasure of leading an incredible collective of innovators who deliver groundbreaking creative solutions for our international roster of clients. Whether you represent a start-up or a multinational corporation, I will expand your initiatives with complete integrity in the most successful  … [see more]

"Ask questions. Listen. Look out for the funny."

Joanne Gray

Editor | BOSS magazine, Australian Financial Review

Sydney, Australia

I've worked around the world as a financial and political journalist. At its essence, journalism is about seeking the truth which to me means meeting extraordinary people, asking difficult questions, taking in new ideas, being comfortable with change and uncertainty, and adapting. It's a licence to be curious and it's too much fun. … [see more]

Dan Carter

VP, Creative Director | Jack Morton Worldwide

New York City, United States

Writer, thinker, doer. I have been helping brands to engage in new and powerful ways for close to 10 years, with experience working in Australia, South East Asia, Hong Kong and China. I recently relocated to New York City. … [see more]

David Robb

Executive Director | Macquarie Group Limited

Sydney, Australia

I am Sydney born and bred, a lawyer by profession and interest (which keeps me off the streets), a racing cyclist of over 30 years by passion (which keeps me on the streets and provides me with freedom), an environmentalist by concern (because there is no other planet that will support us), a food, wine  … [see more]

Taru Suojaranta

Graduate student

Turku, Finland

I am currently part of GO Team in Panama, where we are organizing a social entrepreneur event in September. … [see more]

"Love life, live large, give back and learn to meditate"

Bem Le Hunte

Associate Professor, Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation | University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Sydney, Australia

I am the Course Director of the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at UTS. I have worked for over three decades as a creative director, brand consultant and copywriter, both in the UK, Australia and India, on over 500 brands across a wide range of industries and across a broad range of media. I  … [see more]

Caroline Vu

Impact Ninja | Small Giants

Sydney, Australia

I currently work at Small Giants, an enterprise founded in 2007 to create, support, nurture and empower businesses that are shifting us to a more socially equitable and environmentally sustainable world. Previously I was the New Generation of Giving Manager with Philanthropy Australia. … [see more]

Cady Liang

Arts/Law Student@UNSW | Marketing @GoFar

Sydney, Australia

In a typical week, I go to uni on three days, studying Law, International Relations and Economics, fluctuating between the model student and the distracted delinquent. Some distractions include drumming in the (very geeky) law band and organising cruise parties. The rest of the week is generally spent working. After stumbling into the startup world  … [see more]

"Believe in questions"

Aisha Turner

Writer and producer

Baltimore, United States

I'm a Master's student and am eager to get back into the "real world." Beyond being a student of IR, I consider myself a writer and producer. I've done stints in broadcast news at the PBS NewsHour and Al Jazeera America and am looking to transition to long-form storytelling. I'm excited to connect with other  … [see more]

"Effecting Transformative Change on Earth and in Space."

Andreas Tziolas

Physicist | Icarus Interstellar

Thessaloniki, Greece

Lots of stuff from Org and Admin to Science and Technology, to Community outreach and Marketing and Program Development. … [see more]

"Making a difference"

Jeremy Baker

Deputy Vice-Chancellor | Lincoln University

Wellington, New Zealand

I am focused on helping organisations make a difference. I have always been fascinated by the connection (or not) between education, learning and work. My career has focused on this issue. I have been able to work in the public and private sectors, for government think-tanks, for advocacy groups and in the university sector. … [see more]

"Be the best you can be!"

Amadeo Marquez-Perez

Artistic Director | 15/15 FIlm Festival

Chatswood, Sydney, Australia

I am heavily involved in cultural, not for profit events and activities that involve diversity and Indigenous content. I have over 15 years experience as a local and international film festival organizer. I founded and was the Artistic Director of the 15 / 15 International Film Festival. I was also the Artistic Director of the  … [see more]

"You know, you never know"

John Danner

Senior Fellow;Visiting Professor | Institute for Business Innovation/Univ of California Berkeley;Princeton University

Berkeley CA, United States

I teach today's executives about innovation, strategy, leadership and insider entrepreneurship; advise organizations, from global enterprises to emerging ventures, on strategically significant issues; speak to audiences globally on various topics of mutual interest; train tomorrow’s leaders at two of the world's finest universities (the public University of California Berkeley, and the private Princeton University); and  … [see more]

"Ideas, Solutions, and Kindness"

Jay Klaphake

Professor | Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

Kyoto, Japan

TEDx Ambassador - Japan Founder & Curator of TEDxKyoto Speaker & Event Producer Professor: Negotiation & Presentation | International Law & Business Jazz Drummer … [see more]

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