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Alana Valentine


Sydney, Australia

What makes you want to go to the theatre? Authenticity, community and provocation makes for intelligent entertainment. At least, that's the kind of theatre I want to make and see. In 2016 my plays LETTERS TO LINDY, LADIES DAY and THE TREE WIDOWS were performed in Australia. In 2017, COLD LIGHT, adapted from Frank Moorhouse's  … [see more]

Sam McCool

Writer, Artist, Entrepreneur

Sydney, Australia

I'm a global thinker, world traveler and multi-linguist - 60 countries. 4 languages. 5 continents. I work as a professional speaker, event MC and stand up comedian and playwright - with sold out solo shows at Sydney Opera House; co-wrote & starred in new Aussie play 'Lighten Up', acted in film & TV. I'm also  … [see more]

"inspired by an open world"

Andra Schumann

Founder | Akademie Bogensee

Berlin, Germany

Our team is on the way to establish a place close Berlin that will welcome every open minded and inspired person in the world to work with us on the idea of sustainability and self improving concepts that will chance the world. … [see more]

Laura Gomez


Barcelona, Spain

Founder, Publisher & Curator of KLASSIK MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL Previously VIP Relations Manager and Communications Manager at Markowicz Art Fine Gallery, Miami, Fl … [see more]

"investing in the present through paying attention and growing collective interest"

Tammy Meyer

Advocate | the Commons

Vancouver, Canada

I am deeply concerned about the state of the world, and am inspired to connect and share with others who are working towards the 'common good'. Through generative, authentic and thoughtful conversations 'for the record', I am motivated to better understand the conditions that give rise to our challenges, and create spaces for people to  … [see more]

Jose Fernandez-Calvo

Owner | Grovear LLC

Miami, United States

Worked in Maritime Transport for over 20 years, now managing my own real estate investments in Miami. … [see more]

"Curiousity anchors all great ideas"

Palani Mohan

Photographer |

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

I am the author of five books and have recently completed my fifth, on the Eagle Hunters of Mongolia, which was published in September 2015. Born in Madras, India into a wonderfully talented Tamil movie family, I've loved the visual world from day one. Photography makes me think: Why and how. It injects curiosity in  … [see more]

"experience (y)our humanity"

Murali Maheswaran

Social Evolutionary & Entrepreneur | thestilldynamic

Melbourne, Australia

I have always dreamed of a safe, free world, one where each person is invited to accept their unique arising and share its beauty. Growing up in Africa, in the shadow of apartheid and the Cold War, to emigrant parents - this was important to me at a profound level. In many ways this makes  … [see more]

"Innovate, adapt and overcome"

John McMahon

Service Director | NEC Australia

Sydney, Australia

I work with government, companies and individuals and help them enjoy the technology in their lives more, by making that technology work better for them. This goal is a common thread through the various roles and jobs that I have had, and it often bubbles up in my personal relationships. I am passionate about how  … [see more]

"Art, the resplendent light that illuminates us."

Liz Hager


San Francisco, United States

Many years in Corporate America. Left that world to devote full time to painting. Happily thinking about aesthetic concerns and all the stories I'd like to tell, visually and otherwise. And, oh, the 2016 US election cycle. … [see more]

"I am a philosopher in action. Internationally, I am fun, funny, making the world a better place."

John Launius

Executive Director | Vidzu Media

St. Louis, United States

As Executive Director of Vidzu Media, part of the Nitrous Effect collaboration, I have the pleasure of leading an incredible collective of innovators who deliver groundbreaking creative solutions for our international roster of clients. Whether you represent a start-up or a multinational corporation, I will expand your initiatives with complete integrity in the most successful  … [see more]

"Clarity in Chaos"

Ben Hamley

Strategy Designer | Business Models Inc

Brisbane, Australia

I am fascinated by creativity, complexity and the logic of natural systems. I wholeheartedly believe that the challenges we will face in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world can only be dealt with by emergent. adaptive solutions, and that the study of relationships will increasingly become a higher priority than pure expertise in  … [see more]

Matt Wurst

VP, General Manager | 360i

New York, United States

Longtime executive, manager and leader at one of the top digital agencies in the world. Bringing together creative + operations + social for clients. … [see more]

"It's all fascinating"

Kirsty de Garis

Writer, Curator, Project Manager | Freelance

Sydney, Australia

I started my professional life as a researcher at The Observer newspaper in London, after a brief stint in advertising. Clawed my way to writing features for the world's oldest broadsheet newspaper. It was an incredible cadetship. Studied modern history at graduate and postgraduate level, worked on the Australians at War Film Archive before making  … [see more]

"Don’t hire a dog, then bark yourself."

Stephen Gorman

Project Manager/Registrar | Dan Colen Studio

Hudson, United States

A Project Manager, Registrar and Exhibition Designer who brings a blend of creative thinking, innovation and flexibility. By using my broad experience and expertise gained internationally, I can bring a vibrant and intuitive approach to an institution's ambitions and objectives. I came out of the illustration/graphic design world and using these skills I shifted into  … [see more]

"Doing well by doing good"

Adam Such

Vice President, Military External Relations | University of Phoenix

Chandler, AZ, United States

Committed to creating pathways to purpose. Currently focused on transitioning veterans from service in uniform to service in civil society. … [see more]

"Creativity for the Common Good"

Eric Verkerke

Co-Founder | Emergence Creative

New York, United States

I bring an eclectic mix of entrepreneurial and scientific insight to the evolving creative strategies needed to engage a modern global audience. I led innovative strategy and accounts for Coca-Cola and other major clients while at McCann Global Health. I helped found and build a startup medical device company focused on bringing affordable technology to  … [see more]

Mariah Peebles

COO | Sunny Bates Associates

Brooklyn, NY, United States

At SBA, we help companies become more externally focused by designing transformative engagements with the world’s most inspiring people. We do this for leaders in business, science, the arts, and civic life who are searching for new ideas, new approaches, and new solutions to challenges that can only be solved through the insights that come  … [see more]

"Can Sing, Can't Dance"

Greg Truman

Writer/editor/consultant | Reluctant Lemming Productions

New York, United States

I’m an Australian writer and journalist based in New York. In a professional capacity I currently write, predominately, about film and music and people involved in the arts but in the past I’ve been a business and finance writer and editor, covered sports around the world and reported on politics and major news events. I’m  … [see more]

"Solidarity & Sustainability"

Luis Gutierrez

Editor | Mother Pelican

Montgomery Village, United States

The Mother Pelican journal is my retirement hobby. The mission of The Pelican Web is to collect, organize, and analyze information on sustainable development, with especial focus on integral human development; and to publish monthly updates via the Mother Pelican Journal of Solidarity and Sustainability. … [see more]

Javier Carda Guinot

Finance Advisor/Entrepreneur, Co-founder & CFO | DO Lectures Costa Rica

Villarreal, Spain

It all started with an idea. To bring the DOers of the world together and ask them to share their stories. The successes, the failures. No prejudice or political agenda. Instead, an experience that would take you out of your comfort zone while providing the tools for creative ideas and personal transformations to flourish through  … [see more]

"red shoes"

Keith Godard

visual designer | studioworks

Brooklyn, United States

I am the principal of StudioWorks, a design studio based in brookyln. I started as a typographer and graphic artist. encouraged my my father at an early age to draw, I've spent forty years questioning the boundaries of graphic design through commissions, publishing and exhibit installations by introducing unindigenous methods and media to audiences to  … [see more]

"Everybody has a dream. Make it happen."

Bárbara Arredondo

Founder and CEO | i AM HERE

Mexico City, Mexico

I have worked the past six years in different projects, from journalism, to massive events, to strategy and social impact. I believe in inspiration as a tool for social change. I believe meaningful content can create a new narrative and sustainable change across the globe. i AM HERE to be present and see the world  … [see more]

"Builder global disruptor businesses, impact brands & engaged mobile communities"

Diana Berman

President, EVP Global Business Development | Various Consult

Sydney, Australia

Business development specialist ¦ Builder global disruptor businesses, impact brands & engaged mobile communities. Accelerate growth from pre revenue to $100 Million ¦ Scope of Operations USA, Americas, UK, Europe, Asia Pacific. Diverse Industry Expertise ¦ Digital, Tech & Telecom ¦ Media & Entertainment ¦ Luxury ¦ Lifestyle ¦ Financial Services . Global C Suite  … [see more]

"TED by Day | Informal Economies by Night"

Diana Enriquez

Content Researcher | TED Conferences

New York, United States

I do general research for TED (I find speakers, help them work through the arguments in their talks, fact check, and write). I also run my own research projects studying the informal economy. My field work includes projects in Colombia, Mexico, India, and the US. … [see more]

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