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General Thinking partners with organisations looking to develop events or programming. By way of example, General Thinking has been commissioned by  Lendlease (a large and forward-thinking Australia-based property company) to curate a series of 12 monthly events (talks, conversations, debates, etc.) to help with place marketing of The Streets of Barangaroo within the exciting new Barangaroo precinct of Sydney.

To this end General Thinking has (naturally) engaged people from its network.  Remo Giuffré is the Director; Jess Miller is the Curator and Project Manager for the delivery of the event series; and media producer and broadcaster Fenella Kernebone is its host. Audio visual services by Brendan Sadgrove's Innovative Production Services) ... and Peter Cramer (The Milkbar) will be overseeing the filming and editing. Graphics by Mark Stott's Common Design.

The first event (featuring short talks from General Thinkers  Sacha ColesIndira Naidoo and Nick Ritar) happened in October in a new space called The Canteen. It was entitled "Growing Food in Small Spaces".

Our second event (a debate moderated by Hannah Reilly, involving General Thinkers  Jill DupleixJared IngersollSebastian GoldspinkAlyx Gorman and Kate Britton; along with GT nominee Adele Winteridge) happened in early December in a yet another new space on The Streets of Barangaroo called Wulugul Pop Up.

At our next event on 21 January 2016 "Australia, I love you; but ..." we heard from a range of Australians with diverse cultural backgrounds exploring national identity through a series of readings addressed to 'Australia' as if it were a lover, brother, sister or parent.

The feedback from Lendlease and its various stakeholder attendees has been extremely positive.

Below are a selection of videos from our first three events. They will give you a good sense of what General Thinking looks like in the physical world.

Growing Food in Small Spaces (October 2015): 1 minute taste:

Growing Food in Small Spaces (October 2015): 6 minute highlight video:

Growing Food in Small Spaces (October 2015): Talks in full (including a series introduction by Remo Giuffré):

Pop Up Culture Debate (December 2015): 30 second taste:

Pop Up Culture Debate (December 2015): 5 minute highlight video:

Pop Up Culture Debate (December 2015): Debate in full:

Australia, I love you; but ... (January 2016): 5 Minute Highlight Video:

Australia, I love you; but ... (January 2016): Playlist of 6 Videos

Australia, I love you; but ... (January 2016): Performances in full:

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