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Tucker Viemeister
nyc, United States

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Peter Sprague

Entrepreneur, Chairman & Founder | HEARGLASS

Lenox, United States

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Business, Work & Strategy
Technology & The Future
Global Issues

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ActivismBusiness DevelopmentDigital MediaEntrepreneurshipFilmGovernmentJournalismPhotographySound DesignTechnologyTravel

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+ Invention
+ Starting enterprises
+ Imagination

About me & my work:

I started wanting to be a journalist. I had an overwhelming curiosity about practically everything. An urge to get out of town, out of the known, discover what was on the other side of the hill even if it was another hill.

My numerous entrepreneurial endeavors include the revival of the English car manufacturer, Aston Martin company, CEO of Design Research 1967-79, and Founder of Wave Systems. I was cofounder and director of the American Sailing Association.

I hold 6 patents in optics, software and hardware, with more pending.

Chairman: National Semiconductor (1967-79 ) and Advent corporations (1975-79)

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