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Vicki Forbes
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Sydney, Australia

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Rachel Scanlon

Head of Derivatives | Challenger

Sydney, Australia

"Engage, explore, entertain"

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Finance & Legal
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+ Engaging with people
+ Exploring the world
+ Turning chaos into order

About me & my work:

I am a financial services leader with expertise in derivatives and funds management. I was born in Australia but, after qualifying as a lawyer, have spent a large part of my career leading teams in organisations around the world, mostly in London and Asia.

I returned to Sydney three years ago where, following a stint as General Counsel for an ASX 100 company, I now work for Australia's largest annuities provider. I am making the most of what Australia has to offer while keeping an international outlook. In my spare time I enjoy choral singing and have performed at Carnegie Hall. I am on the Board of International Women's Forum, and a member of Sydney Symphony Orchestra Vanguard.

I am passionate about music, theatre, investing, women in leadership, and sparking joy.

My links:

Challenger Limited | Australia's largest annuity company.

International Women's Forum | Connect as women, grow as leaders.

Goldman Sachs | My former employer.

SSO Vanguard | Bringing classical music to the next generation.


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