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Uri Auerbach
Sydney, Australia

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Technology & The Future
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ActivismAnimation & VFXDigital MediaEntrepreneurshipFilmGraphic DesignJournalismMarketingPoliticsProduct DesignTechnologyWriting

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+ Communicating
+ Researching
+ Writing

About me & my work:

I am a technology entrepreneur with an arts and community building background. I am the co-founder of, an online video consultation platform that makes it easy for 'sages' - people with knowledge - to connect with 'seekers' willing to pay to speak with them.’s mission is to give greater value to people’s hard-won expertise as an alternative - or supplement - to simply giving it away for free in our social media-saturated age. has been the main project of Guru Orange, a digital design agency, co-founded with my wife Elisabeth, in 2012.

Before starting Guru Orange I was the editor of the quarterly magazine, User’s News, published by the NSW Users and AIDS Association, a NSW-government funded NGO representing illicit drug users. With a combination of drug user stories, harm reduction information and policy articles, User’s News is regarded as the best drug user magazine in the world. As well as editing User’s News, I participated in numerous policy bodies for both government and non-government organisations, several editorial boards and was interviewed widely in the general media on drug policy issues.

Since leaving NUAA I have worked as a freelance writer for specialist drug and alcohol publications such as Of Substance Magazine and the Anex Bulletin. I have also written opinion pieces on drug policy for the general media including The Guardian and New Matilda.

Although my main professional interests are now entirely focused on technology startups, I still have a passionate interest in drug law reform. As well as being a long-term executive member of the Australia Drug Law Reform Foundation, I am also the co-founder of, an organisation focusing on encouraging young people and students to advocate sensible drug policies.

In the late 1990s I produced the stop-motion animation comedy micro-series Larry Labrat, about a rodent who enjoys the lowest status within a research facility, but goes on to become an unlikely hero.

My links: | Online consultation platform. (Co-founder)

Guru Orange | Digital design agency. (Owner)

Unharm! | Grassroots organisation campaigning to make drug use as safe, positive and ethical as it can be. (Co-founder)


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