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Dee Anderson
Christchurch, New Zealand

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Murray Strong

Independent Chairman & Director

Christchurch, New Zealand

"Be present and help great people be even better"

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Education & Academia
Business, Work & Strategy
Technology & The Future
Government & Community
Sports & Recreation

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CommunityEducationGovernmentPoliticsSportsStrategy GeneralWriting

Very good at:
+ Helping people be better at what they're good at & finding new things for them to be good at
+ Asking challenging and useful questions
+ Public speaking

About me & my work:

I'm a specialist generalist.

With experience in aviation, education, tourism, banking, central and local government and a host of others, I've been lucky to work with a lot of great people. That's extended to public speaking and working with speakers in TEDx Queenstown and Christchurch as their speaker coach - fun and really rewarding to see them deliver their ideas in a compelling way to an intelligent audience.

Most of my current projects are working with Boards to refine their governance practices and improve their performance as directors, and chairing a number of organisations that are looking to make a real difference in Christchurch after the February 2011 earthquakes.

Chairing large capital projects totalling more than $1bn has been a privilege in my home town.

In the past two years, my approach to working with clients has been one based on relentlessly challenging them to understand and define their organisational purpose. With that clarity organisations that I have worked with have made significant and real advances in terms of defining and understanding strategic priorities, engaging with staff and customers and providing shareholders with good returns.

I have a real love of fast cars, the mountains and the sea and share those things with my partner and 18 year old son.

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