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Heiner Benking
Journalist, Scholar, Futurist, Activist, Consultant, Facilitator, ...
Berlin, Germany

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Anna Blume

Social Capital Strategist, Impact Navigator, Knowledge Navigator, Artist | Impact Journey

Berlin, Germany

"#open #random #supportive"

Generally thinking:

Education & Academia
Finance & Legal
Business, Work & Strategy
Technology & The Future
Global Issues
Sustainability & Environment
Government & Community
Media & Journalism
Arts & Entertainment
Creativity & Design
Body, Mind & Science

My tags:

ArtBusiness DevelopmentClimate ChangeCommunityCultureDigital MediaEntrepreneurshipEnvironmentFinanceFoodGovernmentHealthLawMedicinePsychologySocial ChangeStrategy GeneralSustainabilityTechnologyTravelVisual Arts

Very good at:
+ being me
+ bringing ideas to the ground
+ friendship

About me & my work:

Based in Berlin, Germany and serving clients worldwide. Anna Blume is a Behavior Trainer, Business Developer, Unconditional Universal Basic Income Designer, Social Capital Strategist. Co-Creator of the Impact Journey and works around the World to support Communities.

My new project wants to deliver a Universal Unconditional Basic Income (living on the blockchain). #valueinstrument

My links:

Value Instrument | This website provides principles for token creation, as well as software code, to enable universal unconditional basic income. As the Value Instrument develops, it is likely that a variety of versions emerge for possible activation. | Our action group | About me


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