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Heiner Benking
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Berlin, Germany

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Eric Lynn

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"Good Purposeful Work with Good People"

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+ Asking Powerful Questions
+ Seeing the Big Picture
+ Creating and Holding Space

About me & my work:

I am a Dialogue Facilitator, Change Provocateur, Consultant and Executive Coach. For more than 30 years, I have been working worldwide as an Organisation Development Consultant, Facilitator and Coach for Cultural Integration, Change and Leadership, where the primary focus is on (Re-)Shaping Workplace Culture by Leveraging Cultural Differences.

The learnings from these experiences across multiple sectors of the business and organisational world, while living the change that has defined my life on four continents, inform my work in organisations today …

People WANT TO contribute. They are looking for opportunities to engage positively with their work, their environment, each other.

Most organisations contain massive untapped potential … resources which they are frequently unaware of.

Difference is a natural resource.

I have also learned that …

We live in a complex interconnected interrelated dynamic world. Change is! The world is dynamic! Culture is a dynamic … continuously evolving! Paradox is ubiquitous! Adherence to borders, conventions, standards mislead us towards the belief that they are real … all are constructs, therefore artificial! 'Knowing' is a temporary phenomenon. Always Question! Learning takes place in the complex dynamic space … and we are often not even aware that we are learning!

With a clear focus on clients' real Business Questions, I integrate these learnings with principles from Bohmian Dialogue, Story-telling, Open Space, Appreciative Inquiry and Systems Thinking, to create and hold the space that enables people across hierarchies, functions and systems to align, engage and develop healthy thriving organisations and social systems.

These principles constitute the bedrock of cultureQs, a unique Change and Integration Accelerator which I began developing in 2002 following a client challenge at the start of a Post-Merger Integration process. The cultureQs Story:

I hold dual British and Canadian nationality, and enjoy travelling regularly, both professionally and privately. Following 8 years during which I lived in Thailand, India, Nepal and New Zealand, I returned to Europe in 2012 and currently live in Berlin.

I work in English and German.

My links:

cultureQs | My business website containing an overview of my work and a blog


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