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Remo Giuffre
Founder & Director
Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

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Leone Lorrimer

Strategic Consultant | Lorrimer Consulting

Sydney, Australia

"Future thinking"

Generally thinking:

Business, Work & Strategy
Sustainability & Environment
Arts & Entertainment
Creativity & Design

My tags:

ArchitectureArtBrand StrategyInterior DesignMuseumsProduct DesignRetailSocial ChangeStrategy GeneralSustainabilityTechnology

Very good at:
+ Strategic thinking
+ Design as transformation
+ Leading change

About me & my work:

I have over 25 years of experience as a major projects architect and strategic planner for the delivery of successful projects from masterplans to iconic buildings. Supplementing more than 20 years as a consultant, I spent 5 years as client to some of the world’s leading architects on 3 iconic museums in the UAE. I bring extensive local and international experience to every project, providing an international context to the development of project direction and decision making. Project types include dense urban ‘cities’, resort residential, iconic buildings, business parks and educational institutions. With skills grounded in a strong base of research and knowledge, I am regularly invited to make media comment, offer opinion and am in demand as a speaker and presenter.

My links:

dwp | dwp|suters are award winning architects and interior designers who create exceptional places for life, work and community. We are a group of 450 professionals working collaboratively across 15 locations conveniently located throughout Asia, Australia and the Middle East.


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