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Remo Giuffre
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Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

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Alana Valentine


Sydney, Australia

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What makes you want to go to the theatre? Authenticity, community and provocation makes for intelligent entertainment. At least, that's the kind of theatre I want to make and see. In 2016 my plays LETTERS TO LINDY, LADIES DAY and THE TREE WIDOWS were performed in Australia. In 2017, COLD LIGHT, adapted from Frank Moorhouse's novel will be presented at the Street Theatre in Canberra and BARBARA AND THE CAMP DOGS, co-written with Ursula Yovich, will be presented in the Upstairs Theatre at Belvoir. My plays are published by Currency Press and my website is

My links: | Professional website

Currency Press | Publishes Alana Valentine's plays

National Library of Australia | Audio of Ray Mathew Lecture given at the NLA in 2016

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