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Grace Clapham
Singapore, Singapore

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Storytelling coach. Gender activist. | The A Factor. Shiftbalance.

Barcelona, Spain

"You are the story that you chose to tell."

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Global Issues
Media & Journalism
Body, Mind & Science

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CultureDramaEntrepreneurshipJournalismPsychologySocial ChangeTravelWriting

Very good at:
+ Giving sharp feedback
+ Inspiring others
+ Balancing the world

About me & my work:

I am passionate about helping people shape their own narrative.

Who are you? How do you portray yourself? To others but also to yourself?

I run workshops all over the world to spread awareness on gender stereotypes, to scout for solutions and to coach women leaders in storytelling.

My links:

The A Factor | Training leaders on how to better master their own narrative. Speakers coaching.

Shiftbalance | Gender equity solutions platform.

Shiftbalance Speakers | Speakers bureau focused on diversity.


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