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Tara Winkler
Founder & Managing Director / Author / TEDx
Battambang, Cambodia

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Kate van Doore


Brisbane, Australia

"Know better; Do better."

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Finance & Legal
Global Issues
Government & Community

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ActivismLawPhilanthropySocial Change

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+ Lateral problem solving
+ Challenging the status quo
+ Solving legal conundrums

About me & my work:

I am a lawyer and academic working in the field of international children's rights and human trafficking. I am also the co-founder of the international NGO, Forget Me Not, working in Nepal, Uganda and India to keep children safe from child trafficking and family displacement.

My research into whether the displacement of children from their biological families into orphanages for the purpose of profit can be regarded as a form of child trafficking is gaining international attention. I also research in other areas concerning children's rights, particularly outside of traditional familial structures.

In my "day job" as a law academic, I impart my pearls of legal wisdom on willing scholars and encourage them to think bigger about what they can achieve in the world.

My links:

ReThink Orphanages | A cross sector network established to shift the way Australian engages with overseas development aid.

Forget Me Not | An international NGO working in Nepal, India and Uganda to bring children home to their families.

Australian's urged not to support overseas orphanages | Radio National interview regarding orphanage tourism and how it creates a demand for "paper orphans".


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