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Michael Margolis
Founder and CEO
San Francisco, United States

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Murali Maheswaran

Social Evolutionary & Entrepreneur | thestilldynamic

Melbourne, Australia

"experience (y)our humanity"

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Finance & Legal
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Very good at:
+ Supporting others to be with themselves with grace, deep kindness, and love from Self
+ Sensing patterns, making them seen, finding connection and creative opportunity
+ Hacking design-thinking orthodoxy with deep human awareness practice, fun and messiness

About me & my work:

I have always dreamed of a safe, free world, one where each person is invited to accept their unique arising and share its beauty. Growing up in Africa, in the shadow of apartheid and the Cold War, to emigrant parents - this was important to me at a profound level. In many ways this makes me the "Why-Guy?" - why is this the way, why isn't this better, why can't I "see" you, why have "I" arisen again?

For 12 years, I assured the Australian taxation system (dragging the bad guys back home kicking and screaming to pay their dues) and Victorian taxation systems (in an ever diminishing Praetorian Guard, defending the citizenry from the fevered machinations of a broken system). I chose Government, because it is the biggest wheel - move it a little and you change many lives - our complex world calls for engaged, humble and energised public servants who embrace their superpowers for goodness. So I journeyed far and wide looking for ways to release this fire, finally settling in a tribe of edge-dwellers in Melbourne, and from this deeply nourishing place fell head first into service design & design thinking, startups, health innovation, business model generation, cooperatives, open source, peer-to-peer dynamics and the promise of platform cooperativism (think Uber owned by and for the drivers!).

With Johanna H Scott (Australia's only Integrated Awareness practitioner), I co-founded a human-centred design business with a difference. It's not a HCD business. It's a trojan horse. We are a people first business.

We care about you. Really. Whoever you are. We care deeply. You are important. We are about deep, present human awareness - scaffolding and supporting you to create and co-create from your deepest Self. Our practice moves individuals, and groups of individuals, to heightened states of openness, authenticity and creativity through stillness, embodiment practices, Eastern meditative and movement practices, improvisation, play and dance. We love to play! We play to learn. We play to create. We play to live.

Our purpose is to support and scaffold you to make your change in the world. We are deeply passionate about "leapfrogging" failing systems and creating new systems of human interaction and experience that celebrate your unique humanity - Bucky Fuller style! Yeah, time for the livingry!

So we are building cooperatives, are mad about commons-initiatives locally and globally, support heart-led startups, love social enterprise, are deep in health innovation in Melbourne and work to increase design-thinking literacy in enterprises so they can help themselves. We don't consult. We (un)consult - work with you, share the magic, grow as you grow. Leave you with the skill, confidence and capacity to deal with those type of problems.

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