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Brendan Harkin
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Hans Zoellner

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Education & Academia
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Animation & VFXArtCultureDigital MediaEducationGovernmentHealthScienceMediaMedicinePoliticsTechnologyTheatreVisual ArtsWriting

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+ Analysis
+ Novel ideas
+ Creating explanations that reconcile contradictory and complex observations

About me & my work:

I am probably best described as a laboratory scientist and academic, although having initially trained as a dentist, I work in a dental faculty and have had a leading role advocating for improved dental services. My research has been mostly in ‘experimental pathology’, investigating cellular mechanisms in inflammation, wound healing and cancer, but I have also worked in other areas.

My initial training in dentistry was at the University of Sydney, after which I spent a few years gaining experience working in Rural Australia. My research training was at the Institute of Dental Research and Sydney University, completing work for a PhD in 1989. This was followed by work as a post-doctoral scientist, initially in the Department of Medicine for the University of Melbourne, and then as a Lise Meitner Research Fellow in the Department of Physiology at the University of Vienna. In 1995, I returned to the University of Sydney, and have progressed to become the Professor and head of Oral Pathology. In addition, I was a visiting research scholar for one and a half years at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

My research and personal interests are quite broad, and I see interesting opportunities for productive and creative interaction between the arts and sciences, particularly with regard to modeling and exploring complex biological processes using the tools currently under development by the arts and media community. One ambition, is to facilitate that interaction, and to participate in the process of discovery I imagine will emerge.

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