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Leanne Pleash
Business Analyst
Newcastle, Australia

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John Di Natale

Founder & Managing Director | Equi Wealth & BIGthink!

Melbourne, Australia

"life is for living"

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Finance & Legal
Business, Work & Strategy

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Brand StrategyBusiness DevelopmentEntrepreneurshipMarketingPerformance

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+ Public speaking
+ Helping people clarify, define and achieve their goals
+ Inspiring people to do the things they know they should do - but don't

About me & my work:

My mission is to prevent as many people as possible falling victim to the "great" Australian dream: "work hard, buy a house, pay off your mortgage and retire". The reality of that dream is in fact, far from great, with many Australians retiring with barely enough to support their current lifestyle, let alone enjoy travel or other pursuits.

Our team helps you create your financial masterplan and set in motion a series of considered actions that will help you achieve true financial freedom. Never worry about money again. Set your kids up. Plan an awesome retirement. Live life.

I am an accomplished speaker having spent a couple of years as a commercial radio announcer, I've done over a thousand - literally - paid speaking and MC-ing gigs over more than 20 years. Love inspiring an audience to really make some changes. I was also recently featured on the world’s first 24HR streaming business channel.

Business inspires me. Not just business success in an entrepreneurial sense, but the way business acts as a vehicle for so much good. Entrepreneurs really are change makers every day.

Keep smilin!


Equi Wealth

"life is for living"

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BIGthink! Business Booster | small business, BIG growth

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