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Ferdi Van Heerden
Innovation Designer
Berlin, Germany

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Thomas Oosthuizen

Global Consulting Director | Acceleration

London, Great Britain

"Know the rules then break the rules."

Generally thinking:

Business, Work & Strategy
Technology & The Future
Global Issues
Arts & Entertainment
Creativity & Design

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AdvertisingArchitectureArtBrand StrategyBusiness DevelopmentCultureDigital MediaDramaEntertainmentEntrepreneurshipGraphic DesignInterior DesignScienceMarketingMuseumsMusicProduct DesignPsychologyRetailStrategy GeneralTechnologyTheatreTravelVisual ArtsWriting

Very good at:
+ Creative and challenging thinking, intuitively
+ Conceptual thinking, making fast sense of large amount of data
+ Inspiring people and teams

About me & my work:

Today, life and work is about living with contradictions, paradoxes, risks, fears and uncertainties. These are endemic in the way I work and think. There are no ordinary solutions to the challenges of the times we live in. Nothing inspires me more than to combine knowledge, experience, viewpoints, approaches, insights - and come-up with new ways to think and work. Asking uncommon questions as "you only know what you know" - so discomfort is the only road forward. If something is not at least a little scary, it will not push you forward. Over time, it helps us to view the world differently and risk even more the next time around. Risk gives us great confidence - like a nautilus shell ever expanding, it makes the next risk easier. Creativity is the greatest gift we all have, its limits lie in how much we are prepared to challenge our own beliefs. Creativity means we know we will solve a problem, even if we start being scared that we can't. Within that discomfort lies huge comfort. The principles of "outsiders" appeal to me, people that view the world from the outside in. I love the idea to "do something that scares you every day", attributed to Kurt Vonnegut.

To conclude, it makes me very happy if what I do also inspires people. Inspiration multiplies the potential of humanity.

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