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Remo Giuffre
Founder & Director
Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

My Network Friends

Huey Benjamin

Director | Jaali Inc

Sydney, Australia

"Empowering Australia Through Cultural Intelligence"

Generally thinking:

Sustainability & Environment
Arts & Entertainment

My tags:

Climate ChangeCultureEducationEnvironmentMusicPerformanceSocial Change

Very good at:
+ Making & sharing connections across social boundaries
+ Juggling diverse work components
+ Being patient

About me & my work:

After 35 years working in the arts sector as a session drummer, and a composer for dance companies, and 8 years working for environmental organisations, I have now partnered with some long term Indigenous friends to create 2 companies that teach harnessing the insights of Traditional Indigenous Knowledge. We work in the corporate, government, education, sports, and medical sectors. It's inspiring work, and I believe not a moment too soon. We believe every Australian deserves a Traditional Indigenous Education. Cultural dislocation sucks!!

My links:

Jaali | Authentic Indigenous Cultural Experience Tours

Jaalitours Facebook | Authentic Indigenous Cultural Experience Tours

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