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Jaki Arthur
Arts Publicist
Sydney, Australia

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Julie Mazur Tribe

Publishing consultant | Brooklyn Book Studio

Sydney, Australia

"We help better books begin."

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Business, Work & Strategy
Arts & Entertainment
Creativity & Design

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Very good at:
+ Thinking up creative, marketable book ideas.
+ Helping authors fine-tune and articulate their vision.
+ Enjoying Sydney's amazing coffee!

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I am a longtime New York publishing professional and founder of Brooklyn Book Studio, a boutique book publishing advisory firm that helps talented people with something to say put their best book out there. We help authors create smart, marketable book concepts and proposals to pitch to agents and publishers, and/or pursue high-quality self-publishing alternatives. Now relocated to beautiful Sydney, Australia, Brooklyn Book Studio continues to bring books and creativity together on both sides of the world.

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Brooklyn Book Studio | We help better books begin.

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