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Nelson Contador
Freelance Business Analyst
Bondi, Australia

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Nicolas Bramke

Caretaker | Your Little Planet

Berlin, Germany

"#WeJustHaveOnePlanetEarth / Time to care about..."

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Education & Academia
Sustainability & Environment
Government & Community
Media & Journalism

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ActivismClimate ChangeCommunityDigital MediaEducationEnvironmentJournalismPoliticsSocial ChangeStrategy GeneralSustainability

Very good at:
+ Thinking globally
+ Believing that most people are really good at heart
+ Communicating important issues to future generations

About me & my work:

I studied International Forest Ecosystem Management and realized that there is a huge need on addressing the information about global problems in the right way to the people.

Mankind is actually the opposite of sustainable and especially citizens of industry country’s needs to change their behavior asap and to understand the impact of their lifestyle to the poorest people and to nature.

To change this I started to create the Your Little Planet! (YLP) community platform which explains the important topics of our society in simple words (by text and by video on the Your Little Planet! channel @youtube) so everyone could understand what we can do better and how things are connected to each other. The goal is to have all this information available for free on an international scale. All this work are made independently and privately by me so the progress is to slow. I started to find voluntary workers and donators. I also applied with the YLP project to the "UN decade on biodiversity", the "UN decade of education for sustainable development" and other institutions as well. So I do the best out of that what I learned my life to teach people how to be the change they want to have. Thx for reading and nice to meet you :-) Nic

My links:

Your Little Planet Website | The international website for the Your Little Planet project

Your Little Planet @Facebook | The official Facebook page for the Your Little Planet projet

Your Little Planet @twitter | The official Facebook page for the Your Little Planet projet

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