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Nick Hazell
R&D Director
Sydney, Australia

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Ingrid Van der Aa

Director | NORTH Contemporary Art Space

Sydney, Australia

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Arts & Entertainment
Creativity & Design
Body, Mind & Science

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ArchitectureArtEventsPsychologySocial ChangeVisual Arts

Very good at:
+ connecting people
+ art
+ business & organisation

About me & my work:

I run the artist led space NORTH Contemporary Art Space, 53 Ridge Street in North Sydney with 2 other artists. The space is part of a pop-up- shop program and is for experimentation for artists in connection with the local community and Sydney community. Apart from new exhibitions every 3 weeks, we organise music events, artist talks, workshops and other events throughout the year.

I am an exhibiting artist myself and you can have a look at my work at: Also have a look at a little video of me as an artist at :

Art as passion, business and corporate life as background, having worked as a finance manager in Mars, Unilever, KPN, Northern Telecom, Dutch PTT Post. More recently my corporate involvement is as a career transition consultant at Randstad and Talent2; in the Netherlands, UK and Australia.

My links:

NORTH Contemporary Art Space | Artist led space in North Sydney

Ingrid van der Aa | visual artist, sculpture and installation

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