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Remo Giuffre
Founder & Director
Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

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Sam Bucolo

Professor Design Innovation | UTS

Sydney, Australia

"Envisaging the future to create a bridge to today"

Generally thinking:

Education & Academia
Business, Work & Strategy
Technology & The Future
Global Issues
Creativity & Design

My tags:

Business DevelopmentEducationEntrepreneurshipProduct DesignStrategy GeneralTechnology

Very good at:
+ Challenging leaders to shift their innovation mindset
+ Enabling groups to challenge each other
+ Communicating the shifting value of design

About me & my work:

As Professor of Design and Innovation at the University of Technology Sydney, I lead a team investigating the value of Design Led Innovation to the Australian Economy.

We seek to enable Australian businesses to grow and remain relevant through Design Led Innovation; while ensuring university programs evolve to match this structural industry shift. To achieve this I sit at the intersection of academia and industry and leverages network to drive change through a design lens.

My links:

Sam Bucolo UTS

Design Led Innovation

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