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Todd Porter
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Tokyo, Japan

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Daniel Goldman

Managing Director/Co-founder | Ignition Angels/EDGEof/...

San Francisco, United States

""Matching actions to concerns, with joy""

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Finance & Legal
Business, Work & Strategy
Technology & The Future
Global Issues
Government & Community

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Business DevelopmentCommunityCultureDanceDramaEducationEntertainmentEntrepreneurshipEnvironmentFinanceHistoryScienceProduct DesignPsychologySocial ChangeStrategy GeneralTechnologyTravel

Very good at:
+ organizational clearity
+ remaining loving and clear headed
+ team building

About me & my work:

I deeply want the world to work well for 100% of the people. I used to think tech was the answer, now I know it takes a dedicated group to enable a larger group of enlightened change makers.

Early on, in the 70s & 80s, I worked with computer and online technology as a way to bring people together. After a life in games (SimCity), online (Inner Circle, TEN, Pogo) and neuroscience (Columbia, Posit Science) I began working in IRL community to incubate prosperity and abundance in the world.

I spend most of my time meeting and connecting people across the world, helping startup teams and investing and supporting people who are making big, systemic changes using entrepreneurship, trusted community and technology.

I serve of three non-profit boards helping the underserved, co-founder of EDGEof in Tokyo, Edge Driven in San Fran, Managing Director Ignition Angels, ...

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