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Clare Carmody
Melbourne, Australia

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Michael Stevens

Head of Concerts & Special Events | Fiery Angel Ltd

London, Great Britain

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Education & Academia
Business, Work & Strategy
Global Issues
Government & Community
Arts & Entertainment

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ActivismArtBusiness DevelopmentCommunityCultureDramaEducationHistoryMusicPerformancePhilanthropyPoliticsSocial ChangeStrategy GeneralTheatreTravel

Very good at:
+ connecting and collaborating
+ creating and building
+ seeing and developing potential

About me & my work:

Washed-up singer, arts manager, fascinated with the role culture can play in building individual and community capacity and motivation. I'm an experienced artistic programmer and curator (ex Australian Chamber Orchestra, ex Melbourne Festival, ex Arts Centre Melbourne), with an extensive practice in the beyond profit sector. I've also had more than a decade's engagement with the Middle East, building educational and cultural projects and communities in Palestine and beyond.

My links:

Choir of London | Choir of London - charity founded in 2003

Fiery Angel Ltd | Fiery Angel Ltd - West End theatre producer


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