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Remo Giuffre
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Justin Coulson

Author and Speaker | Justin Coulson | Happy Families

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"Making Families Happy"

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I used to hang out in radio studios or backstage with global superstars - John Mayer, Ronan Keating, Gwen Stefani. I was a radio announcer and music director for the Austereo Network in Brisbane.

I left my radio career in my late 20's because I was struggling as a parent and thought a psychology degree might help. So ... with two daughters and a mortgage, my wife gave me her blessing and I embarked on what would become 8.5 years of full-time study in psychology.

We had our third and fourth daughters as I completed my undergrad and honours degree. We had our fifth daughter and renovated our home while I completed my PhD. I worked as an academic for a little under two years while I wrote my first book, and then I launched my business - Happy Families - and quit academia. We had our sixth daughter shortly thereafter.

I live to build happiness and improve relationships. I am obsessed with it, and endlessly curious about how people work - particularly in relationships.

These days I travel the country (and increasingly, the world) giving talks about Positive Psychology (how to increase our wellbeing and live the 'good' life), and about Parenting. And I write books. Feb 2016 will see the release of my next book, 21 Days to a Happier Family, through Harper Collins.

My wife and I are coming up on 18 years of marriage, we have 6 daughters and a dog (who is a boy). I love cycling, wrestling my kids, learning, and sharing positivity.

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Happy Families | Everyone wants to be the best parent they can be... this is how.

Justin Coulson | Dr Justin Coulson is one of Australia's leading experts on building wellbeing and positive relationships - at work and at home. He helps clients create positivity and powerful relationships across corporate, educational, and family settings. Justin is a highly sought-after international speaker and author.


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